Your thoughts are dictating your life: 5 tips that will refocus your thoughts

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Inner Voice

How often do you plan to do something and then talk yourself out of it?

How frequently do you get excited about new opportunities only to change your mind?

How many times do you make a decision you’re pleased with, only to second-guess yourself?

If you answered sometimes or always, keep reading.

What you’re hearing is your inner voice trying to keep you safe. Yet, it’s also stopping you from pursuing what you truly desire in life.

We give far too much weight to that voice inside our heads. It’s not inherently good or bad, it’s just trying to protect us. If you continue to listen to it you will also find that:

  • it’s preventing you from living fully.
  • it’s stopping you from enjoying all that life offers.
  • it’s holding you back.

However, you possess the ability to quiet those voices that tell you can’t.

mentor for mums, Maria Newman

That inner voice: 

  • holds you back.
  • makes you feel stuck.
  • prevents you from seizing exciting opportunities.
  • makes you say no instead of yes.
  • limits your life experiences.
  • restricts your daily life.

Ultimately, your inner voice is not actually stopping you from doing anything. 

The truth is, you are. It’s because you’ve chosen to listen to your thoughts, which you’re allowing to define your reality.

It’s down to you whether you listen.

You have the power and strength to change things. All you need is to believe you can, and you will. 

Stop paying attention to the voice that doesn’t serve you and start focusing on what you truly want. That’s what will drive you to take action and stop feeling stuck.

Here are my five tips to help you think differently and silence that inner voice with confidence. 

Observe your thoughts

Firstly, recognise that the voice is not yours. It’s not you. Being able to separate your thoughts from your true self is immensely powerful. It allows you to pause and respond as you wish, rather than reacting. Remember, you have a choice whether to listen. 

A simple way to distinguish this is to imagine saying those words to a friend. Would you really say that?

Is it true?

Ask yourself whether it’s true. Is there evidence to support that thought? Or are you choosing to believe it because it’s the easy option? Does it keep you in your comfort zone, which is familiar and cosy?

Ask yourself, what are you afraid of?

Is it helpful?

Be curious about the thought. What is it trying to tell you? We can gain incredible insights from our self-talk. So, what are you really telling yourself?

Turn it around

What does the thought need to become to help you move forward instead of backward? 

If you keep telling yourself you’re clumsy, disorganised or not good enough, it will become your reality. However, if you change it to say you’re graceful, organised and worthy, that will eventually become your reality.


Make it possible

Finally, let it go. If a thought doesn’t serve you, release it in a way that works for you rather than clinging to it like a security blanket. This could be through journaling, meditation or even taking up kickboxing! Whatever method you choose, you need to get it out of your system.

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. They shape our reality, so we must be mindful of where we direct our attention. After all, the choice is yours.

Will you think differently?


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