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Welcome to YaaMas Networking

A business community that is about helping each other to grow

YaaMas is what we say in Greek instead of cheers and means good health, however, the words Yaa Mas, from για μας, also means ‘for us’.

And that is what this group is all about.

It’s very much about community and helping each other whether that is through collaborations, referrals, support or advice.

I loved it and think you have a fantastic group. I loved your energy and the way you introduced each person.

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26th April:

Guest Speaker – Sue Boswell

Making Over Your Medicine Cabinet

10th May:

Guest Speaker – Lisa Thomas

Signs of insolvency to look out for and when to ask for help

24th May:

Guest Speaker – Amy Goodall

Why the World Needs Challenger Brands

7th June:

Guest Speaker – Pragathe Murugan

Branding with Signature Systems

21st June:

Guest Speaker – Margie Chavasse

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What’s it all about?

It’s really simple. YaaMas is for us. It’s about:

  • creating a community of like-minded business owners who enjoy networking, want to help each other and want to grow their businesses.
  • making new connections that lead to creating strong and lasting relationships for the future.
  • being consistent and nurturing existing connections by regularly meeting up.
  • turning up ready to help each other out so that we have a business community that goes from strength to strength and that can thrive.

We meet fortnightly on a Friday at 10:30am for a 60-minutes of online networking on Zoom. TERM TIMES ONLY

How does it work?

This is what your 60 minutes looks like:

  • Introductions – It starts with the 10-second round. Yes, just 10-seconds. This is your opportunity to say this is me. All you need to do is tell us your name and in one short sentence what you do.
  • Let’s connect – It’s time for the first round of 121s and to help the conversation flow you’ll have a question to discuss.
  • Take 5 Insight – At the halfway mark, we’ll hear from one of our delegates who will share their business expertise or an inspiring journey.
  • Let’s connect Take 2 – It’s time for the second round of 121s and this time you’ll be in a small group so you can get to connect with even more people.
  • That’s a Wrap – and before you know it the networking is over so don’t forget to exchange details and book your follow on 121s.

DON’T FORGET: Just because our meeting has finished, it doesn’t mean that your networking has finished. Remember to connect on social media and arrange follow on 121s.

Frequently Answer Questions

Q: When will I get the zoom details
A: Zoom details will be included in your confirmation email that you’ll receive when you purchase your ticket.

Q: Will I get an attendance list?
A: An attendance list will not be issued. You will be invited to post your details in the chatbox which you can save before you leave the meeting.

Q: Will you start on time?
A: Yes

Q: Do I need to book my ticket in advance?
A: Yes

Q: When do ticket sales end?
A: You can purchase your ticket for this meeting up until 9:30am on the meeting date.

Earlier this morning I attended my Number One Favourite network meeting – YaaMas Networking, run by the wonderful Maria Newman and the inspriational Louise McMilan.

If you’re ever looking for a fabulous, uplifting way to connect with some awesome new people AND give your Friday a dose of cheer and positivity, then look no further!

Robyn Harris

Founder, Equenergy

Thank you Maria for an energetic and thought-provoking networking meeting! Thoroughly enjoyed it!! It was brilliant to meet so many new people. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

The easiest way to get in touch is to send me a message. It couldn’t be easier.