Who is mum?

Jun 29, 2022 | Random stuff


You’re more than just a mummy. You are a wonderful woman with wants, hopes and dreams.

When I first became a mum I was so wrapped up in being the best mum I could be that I didn’t realise I was ignoring me. What that meant was, I was forgetting who I was and what I wanted.

That may not sound like a big deal but I think it is.

You see, life is not about being the role or roles you fill. It’s first about you as an individual. We are all unique and have many wonderful gifts that we can share with our family, friends and the world.

However, if we’re so caught up with being mum and being busy we can’t do that. We unknowingly pause our life. And then over time we become lost, we become resentful and before we know it we don’t know who we are anymore!

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You may find this controversial but you are an individual first, not a mum. I know that can be hard to hear but it’s true. When you work on yourself and who you are first everyone will benefit. It creates a positive ripple effect.

That’s why it’s so important to know who you are and what you want. Becoming self-aware.

It’s this self-awareness that helps us to be a great person and then in turn to be great at all the roles we play and the different hats we wear.

If you need proof, I invite you to remember a time when you felt great. How did that feel? How did you behave? How did others respond? How did you benefit? How did others benefit?

If you’re feeling lost and need guidance getting reacquainted with who you are this will help.

Take time out

Yes I know you’re busy, but if you matter take 10 minutes to just think. Remember who you once were before you became a mum. You are still that person, you’re just living a new chapter of your life.

Look in the mirror

Reacquaint yourself with who you have become. Look at yourself in the mirror and see you for you. The experiences you have had. The lessons you have learnt. The challenges you have overcome. Remind yourself of how wonderful you are, flaws and all.

Love it or hate it

There are things we like and things we don’t like. What are yours? Bring more of what you like into your life and avoid the things you don’t like. Unless it’s something you have to do, like ironing!

Focus on what makes you great

We are all unique and that is what makes us great. Acknowledge what makes you great. All the things you love about yourself and how you make people feel.


Celebrate your achievements

You will have achieved a lot in your lifetime, no matter the size. So take time to remember. Then celebrate by doing your happy dance.

It’s easier to just be mum and forget who you are. However, if you were to fast forward your life by say 20 years to the point when your children have grown up and maybe fled the nest, where will you be? How will you be feeling? Ask yourself, what do I want those 20 years to look like and what do I need to do to make that happen. Then take the first step towards making the next 20 years the best you can.

Do you know who you are?


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