What stories are you living by?

Jul 13, 2022 | Wellness

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Life can feel really noisy, and I don’t just mean by all the media that we’re bombarded with, I mean by the thoughts that keep popping into our heads that are seemingly harmless. The constant chatty of the thoughts that distract us on a daily basis.

The thoughts that hold us back and stop us from having a go. The thoughts that are testing us to make sure that we stay safe.

But have you ever stopped to really listen to what is being said? To really understand what is being said?

What if by taking a moment you could start to change those thoughts so that instead of them holding you back they were actually propelling you forward. How would that feel?


You see, those thoughts are influenced by our stories. We all live by stories. The beliefs that we have picked up during our lifetime and made our own. Some are genuinely ours that we’ve acquired because of an experience we’ve had. Others we’ve taken from people who have been part of our journey. 

But are these beliefs helping you or hindering you?

Do you even know the impact they are having on how you live your life and the choices that you make?

It is your choice to continue living life according to these stories however if you want something different then you can change.

Become self-aware

It starts with being more conscious about what you are telling yourself. If you’re in the know then you can start to do something about it. Start to pay more attention to the thoughts that pop into your head, the actions you take and how you respond to others.

Understand the fear

The beliefs that stop us are usually preventing us from becoming uncomfortable. They’re trying to keep us safe. It’s about understanding what you’re really frightened of. Is it about failing, making a mistake or looking foolish?

Focus on reality

Let’s get real. What do you know to be true, rather than what you’ve been led to believe or the made up outcome that you are envisaging. Focus on what is real not the horror story that is playing in your mind.

Change the story

When you are more aware you can then start to change things. You get to decide what will serve you better. Rather than telling yourself stories that hold you back, decide what stories will help you to move forward. The power is in your hands.


Accept that this takes practice. It’s not like you can wave a magic wand and all your negative stories are replaced. It’s a continual practice. So prepare for a workout that will lead you to many rewards.

I always encourage my coaching clients to reflect on their journey so far. It’s a great way to acknowledge what they’ve achieved and the challenges that they’ve overcome.


Looking back can also help with letting go of whatever you are holding on to that is not serving you anymore. The conversations or experiences you’ve had that stop you from moving forward.

Until you can release yourself from dwelling on what has happened you will always feel stuck.

It’s about acknowledging what has happened, learning from it and then with love and courage releasing it from your life.

Are you ready to let go?


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