It’s time to say goodbye…..

Sep 16, 2020


Time definitely flies when you’re having. It’s been three years since I started Fill That Space, my art business. Yet, it only feels like yesterday.

So much has changed in that time. I’ve learnt a lot. And I mean a massive amount. I’ve met some really amazing and inspiring people. But as with life, the path is not a straight one. There have been ups and downs. Bumps that I’ve had to overcome. Diversions that I’ve needed to take.

And so, here is my latest diversion. It’s a big one.

Just a few months ago I closed Fill That Space. The business that I was inspired to start after leaving Rolls-Royce, instead of finding another company to work for. I’d been thinking about closing the business for a while but I wasn’t quite ready to let it go. Until now.


Is this a failure?

Some people may see that as a failure. Not me. Starting Fill That Space has given me so much. It was my first taster of running my own business. Something that I’d always wanted but just didn’t know what. And it’s confirmed that it’s something that I want to continue doing.

It’s allowed me entry into a totally new world. To meet and mix with some fascinating individuals. To really test my capabilities. To step into the light and to take full responsibility for what happens instead of being shielded by the comfort of a large organisation.

Oh my goodness, it can be scary. But at the same time, it can be really exciting. I was asked recently whether I regret my decision to leave Rolls-Royce and without hesitation I said no. Why? Because I know, without any doubt, that I’m in the right place right now.

I’ve left behind that feeling of dread when I wake up. Thinking ‘is this it?’

Sure, the future is less certain. But that’s all part of the package. That’s what I sign up for.

Start of a new chapter

So now you might be thinking, ‘that’s great Maria. But what are you doing now?’

I’m so glad you asked.

What became glaringly obvious, and what I’ve known since the beginning, is that I’m not alone in feeling stuck and wanting more from life. I’m not alone in feeling like there must be more to this routine of the ‘mummy juggle’ that I’ve got locked into.

So my focus now is in helping others, like me. Busy working mums who are stuck and need some guidance to become unstuck. The wonderful ladies who have decided that it’s time to make some changes but don’t know where to start. Just like me. 

You’ve been part of my journey. You know I’ve done it. 

And now I’m really living. I’m the best I can be for me which means I’m the best I can be for my family.

But it doesn’t stop there. It’s an ongoing practice. A habit that needs to be formed and then embedded. I still get the fear. And that’s when I have to put my big girls pants on and deal with what’s going on. But I’d rather it be this way than any other.

New chapter

So now, Mummy on a Break is my full time business and I’m loving it. I’m loving serving my clients. I’m loving watching my business evolve and grow.

And now, just over the horizon are more good things to come as I add more strings to my bow, that will be part of Mummy on a Break and give my clients more.

What do you need to say goodbye to?



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