Who are you trying to be?

Feb 28, 2024 | Wellness

Be Yourself

We are conditioned throughout life to fit a specific mould according to our parents, family, friends, school and society. The list goes on. Anyone and everyone has the ability to influence who you become

The thing is, we’re all unique beings with unique gifts to offer the world. Yes, I know that sounds woo-woo and still it’s true. Who you are is about embracing your uniqueness instead of agreeing to fit in and downplay what makes you different.

Therefore, before you read any further you have a choice to make.

You can either read this with an open mind and take from it the messages that will enhance your life.

Or, you can read this having decided what you think the answer is and then spend the rest of the time comparing.

The choice is yours.

It’s simple, people can seek to influence us, however, it is up to us if we’re influenced. We are in control of how we think, feel and act.


You can accept conforming to the expectations that you think the world is placing on you or you can decide to be the unique individual you are.

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To do this takes courage, confidence and consistency.

Courage to take the actions that are right for you. 

Confidence when taking the actions that are right for you. 

Consistency in regularly taking the actions that are right for you.

Reconnect with who you are

It all starts with rediscovering who you are and what makes you different.  

We are complex beings, which is amazing, with lots of different facets. I invite you to get curious about who you really are and this is more simpler than you realise. Have you heard of Human Design?

I was recently re-introduced to Human Design and I find it fascinating and very insightful. As the name suggests, it’s about your individual design and will help you to understand yourself better. Your personality, your emotions and how best to use your energy. 

It all begins with understanding whether you’re a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector. 

So what’s your design? 

To find out what your design is just click the LINK 

Reflect on your journey so far

Now you know who you are supposed to be, it’s time for a bit of reflection.

This is not about dwelling on the past. It is using the past to inform your now and therefore give you an even better future.

Go back to times that were challenging and acknowledge why that was. What made it feel awkward and uncomfortable?

Go back to the times when you had success and life was flowing. Why was that?

What does this tell you? What do you now know about yourself that you may have forgotten? How has the past shaped the person you have become?

Redefine how you live your life

Stepping out into the world as the real you may feel daunting. To help you with this, let me offer you 4 principles to live your life by that will act as your safety blanket.


They are the 4 agreements by Don Miguel. They are:

  1. Be impeccable with your word – are you speaking and acting in a way that is respectful to yourself and your beliefs as well as respecting where others maybe in their lives and their beliefs?
  2. Don’t take anything personally – how people respond to you is a projection of their reality and therefore has nothing to do with you. It may feel personal, just remember that it is not.
  3. Don’t make assumptions – it’s easy to fill in the gaps so that you can make certain what is uncertain, instead communicate clearly and ask questions so you know the truth.
  4. Always do your best – how we’re feeling will impact how we perform, therefore show yourself some compassion knowing you’re doing your best.

To find out more about the 4 Agreements click this LINK 

I encourage you to find the courage, confidence and consistency to be the real you. Take the time to shed the layers that have allowed you to hide in order to fit in. Once you rediscover who you are, life will begin to feel different, making decisions will become more easy and you will find comfort in being you.

Is it time you revealed the real you?


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