Too scared to be seen is holding you back

Jan 31, 2024 | Wellness

Courage to be seen

Being too scared to be seen is more common than you think. Especially in this world where there is nowhere to hide.

When I was a child, I knew that there was one place that would guarantee my safety and that was being home. In the good old days, or the days when my children think that everything was in black and white, being at home meant that the outside world could not get to you.

You were safe.

The only way to get to you was by either ringing you on the landline or coming around to your house.

Today, these boundaries are fluid. Life is instant and happens in the moment.

Unless you decide to enforce radio silence the outside world is with you all the time.

Identity, fear

The only way to hide now is to wear a metaphorical mask. The mask that gives you the comfort of being able to hide even in plain sight.

The question you need to ask yourself is, does wearing this mask make me happy?

Only you know the answer.

One of the reasons why you may not be happy is because you are not living by your values.

We all have values that are the guiding system for the way we live. When we speak and behave in a way that is aligned with our values life feels good. However, when we do something that is not aligned with our values, life feels uncomfortable.

By wearing a mask, you’re more likely to be behaving and speaking in a way that is not aligned with your values. This might be so that you can fit in or maybe to avoid conflict. This may bring peace externally however it results in inner turmoil.

Whenever I feel the need to hide and not be seen I remember the words of Don Miguel and the 1st Agreement, be impeccable with your word.

This for me, is all about personal integrity. It’s speaking and acting in accordance with your truth and at the same time being respectful of those who may be receiving your word.

In other words, having the courage to be you and balancing that with being compassionate to those around you who may not be ready for what you have to say.

So, if you are ready to be seen so that you can feel calm on the inside here are some things you might want to consider before you drop the mask.

Know who you are

It’s easy to forget who we really are. Our lives are made up of many different chapters that continually mould and shape us.

Take a moment to reacquaint yourself with who you are. What are your likes and dislikes? What are your interests? What makes you smile and what makes you cry?

Know what your values are

Consciously knowing your values is very powerful. It helps you understand why you make certain decisions and why you behave in a certain way.

If you know what your values are, you’ll understand why certain things make you feel uncomfortable and how you need to behave to have inner calm. 

Know what is important to you

It’s easy to lose sight of what is important in life and get swept along by what is happening in life instead of choosing what is best. 

By knowing what is important, you can easily take the path that is right for you and live a life focused on the right things.

Forgive, identity, Mum

Surround yourself with your people

Life is too short to spend time with those individuals that make you feel drained. Instead, spend time with the people who have your best interests at heart and want the best for you.

These are the people who love you for you, the person behind the mask.

Check in

Regularly check in with yourself to ensure you are living life how you want. That you aren’t unconsciously wearing a mask.

It’s your life and you need to feel like you can live it how you want. For this to happen, it starts with being comfortable in your skin, which is about knowing who you are and what you want. When you can live life without the mask, it will feel simpler and easier. 

Is it time to drop the mask?


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