Are you ready to drop the mummy guilt?

May 11, 2022 | Wellness

Mummy Guilt

If we let it, mummy guilt can literally be crippling. So much pressure, which we put on ourselves, to be the best mum. 

The thing is, mummy guilt exists because we let it. I know this sounds odd but it’s true. It only has power over us because of the meaning we give it. Therefore we get to choose and decide whether it means anything to us.

Now mummy guilt means different things to different people.

It can be feeling inadequate. Whether this is because you’re comparing yourself to Mildred down the road who appears to be easily doing the mummy juggle or it’s because you have moments where you just doubt your abilities as a mum.

It can be feeling selfish because you actually want some me-time.

It can be feeling overwhelmed by all that being a mum is.

I’ve felt all of these at some point.

Problem, autopilot

Being a mum is the most difficult job in the world. It comes with challenging terms and conditions and there’s no salary either. I mean if you saw it as a job advert you would never apply!

But being a mum is also the best thing in the world. To have the unconditional love of your child who simply loves you for being you is amazing. They’re not interested in you being perfect.

I’d like you to find comfort in my words when I tell you that you have the power to change how you’re feeling. You get to decide what being a mum means to you and what that looks like in the way you think, behave and speak.

All it takes is courage and practice. Decide what is best for you because that is what will be best for your family. Everything starts with you.

If you’re ready to become the mum you want to be, and drop the ‘mummy guilt’, you need to shed the ‘stuff’ that is holding you back and then commit to being the mum you want to be.

Journal about your mummy guilt

First, you need to shed all the mummy guilt that is holding you back and stopping you from being the best you can be. So I encourage you to write. Release all those negative thoughts that allow you to hold onto the guilt. You could even burn the paper that you’ve written on to reinforce this.

Decide who you want to

You get to decide what being a mum means to you. You know what is right and more importantly what is right for you. You know what feels comfortable to you.

What changes do you want to make

Only you can be the change you want to see. How do you need to think, behave and speak to be the mum you want to be. You have the answers, you just need to be brave enough to be that person.

Be that mum

Now it’s your turn to be the mum that you actually want to be. Whatever you do, you’ll be doing your best and that’s all that matters.

Pause, reset, restart

This is not about being perfect. Being who you want to be is a continual practice. There will be times when mummy guilt will creep back in. You may feel like others are judging you. You may start to compare yourself to the ‘mums’ who have their s**t together. You may just have an off day. That’s your opportunity to pause, reset and restart.


It doesn’t matter what other people may think. What they think is none of your business. What really matters is what you think. You know who you’d like to be. You know what is right for you and your family. You just need to trust yourself and go be that person because they are an awesome mum.

Do you want to live with mummy guilt or would you like to brake free?


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