You can deal with all roadblocks that you face

Feb 7, 2024 | Wellness

Overcoming obstacles

Let me start by saying that everything you need to live life is already within you.

This includes embracing the highs and dealing with the lows.

Just take a moment to really understand what that means.

How empowering does that feel?

And yet, so many of my clients still feel like they are broken or they need fixing. That is simply not the case.

What they need is someone to help them see what they already have so they can navigate life with confidence. And yes, that is how I help them.

We all have those moments in life when it seems too difficult when we feel like we can do it.

I still have days when I have no motivation. My focus is on what I haven’t done and what is missing. I know it’s in those moments, my negative spin, that I’m really not being helpful to myself.


It’s not about suppressing them and giving yourself a motivational speech. It’s about accepting that something is making you feel uncomfortable and getting curious about why that is. 

When you know why you are then able to take the right action to help yourself.

It takes practice. Regular practice.

Whether you believe it or not, the truth is we are the ones that stand in our way. And that’s actually great news because it means you have the power to change things. After all, you just have to deal with you.

An obstacle will only stop you if that’s what you decide.

Although it may not feel like it, we do have choices. It really is up to us how we view our world and therefore what we do. It will only stop you if you decide that is the outcome you want.

If something feels like it isn’t working then take a moment to get curious.

To take the time to really understand what is going on. If it is important to you then you will have time. And then, decide what your next best move is.

This will help you.

Know your obstacle

Understand what you’re actually dealing with instead of what you think you’re dealing with. The hard truth is, it’s usually about us and what’s going on for us as opposed to the thing we think it is.

Acknowledge your thinking

Your thinking can either hold you back or propel you forward. So what’s going on inside your head? Is your inner critic sending you into a negative spin?

Take the time to write down all the things that you’re thinking to help make sense of what’s going on for you. Then decide what is true instead of being distracted by what is false.

Accept your feelings

Instead of trying to suppress how you’re feeling, let it all out. Once you’ve released those feelings you will not only have space for the good stuff but you’ll be more open to a different perspective that will serve you.

Time, self aware, confidence

Find your desired focus

It’s normal to focus on what is wrong, so instead find what could be right for you. Who do you want to be and how can that version of you overcome your obstacle?

You can make it to the other side

And finally, believe that you will get to the other side. If you are finding this difficult just remember the challenging times that you have already overcome to prove to yourself that you are more capable than you think you are.

By taking the time to really understand yourself and what is going on for you, you may see things that were always there and until now you couldn’t see.

Remember it really is all about you and not them.

How will you overcome your obstacles?


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