Why are you allowing that obstacle to stop you?

Jan 19, 2022 | Wellness


One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is to start my own business. I definitely felt like a fish out of water. To be honest, I sometimes still feel like a fish out of water. But it’s the passion I have for what I do and the need to help others that drives me.

As you know, I used to work in corporate. I had a successful corporate career. I was in the safe surroundings of a large company. All I had to do was turn up, do what I was told and do my best.

Being a business owner is completely different. I tell me what to do, which is great but not when you’re unsure of what to do. I am the whole team, which is tiring. The success of the business rests entirely on my shoulders, which is a lot of pressure.

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and fulfilling. I love what I do and that’s what helps me to face my challenges, which can feel like a daily occurrence.

You see, it’s all about perspective. That’s the difference between whether something feels like a struggle or a challenge.


The word struggle feels like hard work. It feels like things are tough. It feels like there’s little hope. 

But, the word challenge feels more like it can be overcome. It feels like there is a chance. It feels like it can be conquered.

This just goes to show how powerful the words we use are and the influence they have on how we feel and how we act.

So, I invite you to change your perspective when you hit a bump in the road. Instead of focusing on why you can’t, try focusing on why you can. It might feel unnatural to start with but with practice it will become easier.

We all face challenges during our lifetime. Some people appear to deal with them with ease. Whilst others seem to be held back by them. 

The truth is, dealing with life’s challenges becomes easier the more you practice. Having tools you can call upon when you’re faced with a challenge will make dealing with it easier. Knowing the first step to take will help you take action.

Notice your thoughts

Being aware of how we’re talking to ourselves and what we’re saying actually tells us why we’re stuck. What we might be afraid of. Why it’s easier to stay where we are. Why we don’t want to change things.

Change the story

Henry Ford once said, ‘if you think you can or you think you can’t then you’re probably right’. So it’s time to start thinking like you can. What do you need to start telling yourself to help you deal with and overcome your challenge?


What would life be like if you could overcome this challenge? Visualise it in full colour with the volume turned up. Then use this to motivate and inspire you to do something different.

mum to be, judging

Take the first step

Do just one thing, no matter the size, that will get you closer to your visualisation. Then keep taking those small steps until you are where you want to be. 

Tell a friend

We’re more likely to do something if we’re held accountable. So tell someone you trust what you’re doing so they can support you and encourage you.

It is true, you can overcome anything you just need to believe. To do that, I invite you to look past your obstacles and see what life could be like on the other side. Then use this to motivate yourself to tackle your obstacles so you can get to the other side.

How will you overcome your obstacles?


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