Who is the hero in your story?

Sep 9, 2020


My name is Maria Newman and I’m a busy working mum. I’m not busy because I’m working. I’m busy because, like most mums, I’m doing what I’ve come to affectionately know as the mummy juggle. Otherwise known as plate spinning.

Now I’ve always enjoyed being busy. I was never any good at just sitting. You see, as far as I’m concerned life is for living. For me, that means spending time with family and friends and doing things I enjoy, which usually involves food. I have no time to be an observer.

Becoming a mum…..

But when you’re given the gift of becoming a mum, being busy becomes something completely different. We have this overwhelming desire to look after everyone. Make sure everyone is okay. Make sure nobody is left out. And so, our job list doubles and trebles. What we want and need becomes secondary. Or put at the bottom of the list. Or even worse is just ignored.

Now, this is not a ‘woe is me’ article. So if you’re looking for sympathy you should stop reading now. Instead, I wanted to give you a gentle nudge. A reminder of how great you are. And encourage you to step into the light without feeling guilty.

You see, each and every one of us is living our own story. A story where we play the hero and everyone else in our life is playing a supporting role to our lead.

How your story plays out is completely up to you. No excuses. What happens is in your hands and your hands alone. We all have choices in life and we are the ones that make the decisions on what happens next.

It’s your decision…..

It’s true.

You may feel trapped. You may feel like you have no choice. You probably have many reasons why you have no choice. But the truth is, these are excuses. What you’re searching for is your courage. The courage to travel the road that is difficult. The road that is unknown to you. The road that will give you all that you want, even if it feels scary.

You also don’t have to do it alone. Go find the Ana to your Elsa. Go find your tribe that will spur you on and support you until you are able to stand alone.

Do what it takes to become the hero of your story don’t wait until it is too late.

Don’t wait for the time when you’re looking back on your life and you’re wishing and regretting. The time when you realise you put your life on hold for twenty years whilst you were looking after your family.

Your life…..

This is your life too. Show your children that it is possible to make dreams come true by making your dreams come true as well. It’s not selfish. You shouldn’t feel guilty.

Be the hero in your story and inspire them to be the hero in theirs.

Are you the hero in your story?


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