Top tips for your big adventure in 2021

Jul 22, 2020

Big adventure

I love making plans for the future, which, for me, usually involves arranging parties, family trips or holidays. I mean, who doesn’t love having nice things to look forward to. And now it’s needed more than any other time. Currently on my planning list are holidays. This usually means either escaping to see our family, who live abroad, or finding a beautiful location here in the UK.

But we do plan on having some big adventures soon and so I’ve already started doing some research.

In a couple of years, we’ll be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and it would be great to fly somewhere for a long weekend, minus the kids. We also want to take a family trip to Disneyland when the kiddies are older and are more likely to remember it. Obviously not cheap so we’ve already started to save!


With so many beautiful places to explore, once again I’ve turned to travel expert, Nicki Mors from Travel Counsellors, for some top tips on places to consider.

Over to you Nicki for advice on planning a big adventure

Ready to start dreaming of a trip for 2021?

Do you or a family member have a big birthday coming up next year or perhaps a wedding anniversary? The perfect excuse to start planning a trip away for the big event. You could pop to a European destination or even better somewhere further afield.

Choose your destination

You may be considering going somewhere in Europe for a family beach holiday, a city break or maybe a combination of both?

Or you may have your sights set on somewhere more exotic so why not try South Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Costa Rica or Machu Picchu. The world is your oyster.

Holiday style

Then you’ll need to consider the style of holiday you want.

Maybe a luxury five-star relaxing holiday on the beach, or something a little more adventurous or a mixed-activity holiday.

Destinations such as South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia or Sri Lanka tick so many boxes and are great places to go for some history, culture, relaxation on the beach, and of course wonderful food and drink.

How about… 

A great example is South Africa: You could fly to Cape Town and first spend some days exploring the city and its culture under the incredibly impressive Table Mountain. You could even try and climb Table Mountain or, of course, you can go up in the cable car. You could follow this by a trip out to a private Safari Park. Visit Stellenbosch wine region for some wine tasting. Go to Boulders beach for some Penguin watching. Stop at the Cape of Good Hope for some great hiking. Before finally heading back towards Cape Town to Camps Bay to collapse on a beach for a few days as the last stop before flying back home.

Alternatively, how about a multi-activity holiday in Sri Lanka. Colombo is a big bustling Asian city that is waiting to be explored. And no visit is complete without visiting a tea plantation. Plus you can’t miss out on stopping at the elephant sanctuaries and the leopard safaris as well as going whale and dolphin watching. And then there are the wonderful beaches.

If Europe, South America, South-East Asia or Australia are in your dreams this is also completely possible.

Bear in mind…..

It’s worth doing some planning for a big trip.

Do you want to be independent or organised, or a combination of the two?

Do you want to hire a car or have a local guide who will give you some amazing tips on the country as well as taking the stress out of your trip?

A great benefit of having a guide is they will have everything planned for you in the background, even the cold towels and cold water every time you get back to the car from seeing various sights.

Going via an expert, like myself, means that once the details of the trip are worked out, I can then check visa requirements, jab requirements, currency and then the all-important travel insurance to ensure that your holiday is protected.

I’m happy to organise everything for you and then all you need to do is pack your bags and off you go on your dream holiday 

Thanks to Nicki for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

You can get in touch with Nicki direct by email,, or give her a call 0117 911 8620.

Where will your next big adventure be?

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