Top tips for where to go on a staycation

Jul 15, 2020


A change is as good as a rest, and I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to see something other than the same four walls, that at times can feel like my prison. At this moment in time, I’m not that keen on hopping on a plane. I’ve only just got used to being able to leave the house. But the idea of hiring a nice cottage somewhere to escape to is perfect.

Until recently, staying in was the new going out. But now it’s all about the staycation. We may not have the freedom to fly to an exotic location but we still have plenty of options.   

Loch Lomond

There are so many beautiful places to explore here in the UK, that we don’t really need to look elsewhere. So, with this is in mind, I’ve turned to an expert, Travel Counsellor Nicki Mors, to give you some top tips on places to consider when booking a staycation.

Over to you Nicki

Are you ready for a holiday?

Whilst international travel is picking up and people are starting to fly to holiday destinations in Europe, there’s also the UK to think about for your next trip away.

There are so many wonderful parts of England, Wales and Scotland to visit, or just hop on a ferry to Ireland. All great options for a staycation. You can take in the stunning scenery, get to know the friendly locals or enjoy excellent food and drink at a British pub as well as being able to pick from lots of different types of accommodation.

If you’re looking for breath taking landscapes and you enjoy taking in magnificent views, then Loch Lomond is a must. Why not join some of the amazing walks that lead you through the beautiful countryside. 

We know our weather can be very mixed, something we British love to talk about, but a walk on a wonderful Welsh beach can be just as invigorating in the windy weather as lying on it in the sunshine.

Another benefit of a staycation is that you can take your pets as there are many cottages, lodges and holiday parks that are pet friendly.

Plus, by staying here in the UK, you are supporting the local economy.

Whether you fancy a beach holiday, a family friendly holiday park, camping, walking, cycling or golf there are options all over the UK. For many of these pastimes’, money will be saved just by taking your own equipment as you won’t have the additional burden of having to hire. And don’t forget that several companies can help with activity style trips away if that’s what you want.

The Gower Peninsula

And a major benefit of staying in the UK is you’ll save travel time as there are so many beautiful places on our doorsteps.

So, is it time to explore our lovely country?

Thanks to Nicki for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

You can get in touch with Nicki direct by email,, or give her a call 0117 911 8620.

Where will you go?

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