The Secret To Making A Present Look Special During Lockdown

Jun 24, 2020

wrapping paper

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to wrapping a present I simply find some nice paper and that’s as complicated as it gets. I don’t give much thought to adding any embellishments. The thought literally hasn’t crossed my mind.

Well, three out of four of us in the ‘Mummy on a Break’ household have had our birthday during lockdown. Plus, hubby and I have also celebrated our wedding anniversary. And, as you can imagine, nothing was going to get in the way of us doing our best to make the celebrations special.

The one thing that I didn’t pay much attention to, which would have been dead easy, was to be a little creative with wrapping the presents. But it’s never too late to learn. So, I’ve turned to professional gift wrapper Amanda White for some advice.


Over to you Amanda

Natural materials

Lockdown is tricky and no more so than when you have a celebration coming up and you’re having to miss it!

I had a lockdown birthday back in April. I sort of dreaded it as I couldn’t see family or friends. But, in fact my day was fine. I had a zoom call with all my special people from all over the world. And two local friends actually texted me to let me know they’d done a doorstep drop off of a gift. What really touched me was they’d remembered and gone the extra mile when there were far more important things going on in the world. I really appreciated it.

So, I wanted to share a few ideas with you which you can use during lockdown to dress up your gift and make it look even more special.

What paper should I use?

Whilst as a professional gift wrapper, I have a mountain of ‘stuff’ in my house, you may be surprised by what you have and what you can use. Newspaper? Sheet music? Maps? Old blank desk diary pages? Calendars? Brown paper?

I like to use newspaper. My favourite newspapers to use will be foreign language papers, as they’re more interesting, and the Financial Times, because it’s pink! Both look super smart with black ribbon.

You can use any of these wrapping paper alternatives to either wrap with or as a band of paper over brown paper.

You may think you have to pop to the post office and buy some brown paper. However, if you’ve been shopping online in lockdown much of what you have bought will arrive nestled in brown paper. Don’t waste it. Use it!

And there you go. You’ve been able to find some gift wrapping for your present using paper that you already have and that will be unique.

How can I add that extra something?

Now just for some embellishment for that extra special touch. I like to use small interesting things like seed pods, leaves, flowers, weeds and feathers as they make for an interesting decoration. Plus, all are freely available and can be picked up either during a walk or by looking in your garden. There will always be a few things around you can spot.

wrapping present

So now you have your material all you need to do is wrap your present. I have a simple two-step process.

1. Wrap your gift in your chosen paper and then take something like garden twine, string, crotchet cotton or wool and secure it around your gift a few times. If you can try and criss-cross it.

2. Using your decorative pieces thread them in behind the twine until you’re happy with the overall look. Trim any loose ends so they sit within the edge of the gift.

If you want to learn more, then come find me on Instagram and even follow my IGTV videos for some helpful hints and tips.

Thanks to Amanda for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

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How do you wrap your presents?


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