How can I make my daughter’s birthday special during lockdown?

Apr 1, 2020

Just before we got the news of lockdown, I had already had to break it to my 6 year old daughter that she’d have to postpone her party. At first, she wasn’t happy, obviously. But when she realised that her party being later in the year would extend her birthday celebrations, she was happier in accepting it!

So basically, all gatherings are cancelled. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make my daughter’s birthday special for her. Just because she won’t have her friends physically around her on her birthday doesn’t mean that they can’t be there. Or that she still can’t have fun.

Lockdown will not stop us from making her birthday memorable for all the right reasons. This is what I’m doing about it.

  1. Birthday breakfast

I wouldn’t usually make a big deal of breakfast, but on this occasion, every moment is about her. So, I will be making her favourite breakfast. The thing is she loves food. So, this could literally be anything!

This will either mean that whatever I do will be good or plain and simply I’ll get it wrong. I think I’ll opt for the fry up.

  1. Party at home

Who doesn’t love a traditional party? I know I do. And I’m hoping my children will too. Plus, it’s actually a lot simpler than having to organise an actual party.

We’ll put up some decorations to make it feel more like a property party. Some banners and balloons, probably.

We’ll put the disco lights on and play some party games like musical bumps and statues. There’ll only be winners as my two are very competitive and I want to keep tantrums to a minimum. I think I also have some spare plastic tat leftover from previous parties I’ve arranged which will be good enough for prizes.

Obviously, I’ll sort out a birthday tea. We’re going to have hot food for this one. Luckily, I know her favourite is Greek lasagne.

Plus, there’ll be cake.

  1. Birthday cake

Talking of cake. Usually, I rely on the supermarkets to sort out the cake, mainly because life is too short and I don’t have the patience. But this time I’ve decided to do it myself. I definitely can cook. The question is, can I bake? 

We’ll see. I’m going to keep it simple. Plain sponge. Some simple filling, like jam. And some simple decoration, maybe buttercream. That’s keeping it simple.

  1. Cards and presents

I’ve been super organised before lockdown so I’ve actually sorted out her cards and presents already, Phew. So as long as she’s happy with what she’s got everything will be good.

  1. Getting social

And finally, I will be organising zoom with her school friends. Plus, there’ll be lots of facetime with family

There you go. It just goes to show that just because we’re isolated it doesn’t mean we have to be alone and it certainly doesn’t mean my daughter’s birthday cannot be special. It just takes a little planning.

That’s ‘How can I make my daughter’s birthday special during lockdown’ according to Mummy on a Break.

Are you arranging a party?

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