The answers to everything you need are within you

Oct 6, 2021 | Wellness

Look within

The answers to everything you need are within you

If something is not going the way you expected it to what do you do?

The answer is not to work harder.
The answer is not to work longer.
The answer is not to do more.

Our default is to do more, however, what if the answer was to do less.

I invite you to try an alternative.

I invite you to stop and take the time to think.
I invite you to pause so you can understand what is going on.
I invite you to breathe so you can be grounded in the here and now.

You see, we spend a lot of our time with our heads down being busy with the doing when in fact stopping can be more productive. We associate progress with taking action. We think that the only way we can move forward is if we physically do something.

But that’s not the case.

I am a doer. I like to be busy. I like to get things done. But that doesn’t always help me. Sometimes what I really need is to stop and think. To regain my perspective. To take a minute so I can decide on my next best move.

Which may be to do nothing. To be still. I know this all sounds very ‘alternative’.

mum to be

You see, when things seem to go wrong or not according to plan it triggers us. We start to feel bad. We start to wonder why. We go searching for answers in the external world.

What I really want to say is, you already have the answers. The only person who is going to make you feel better is you. Not other people, products or experiences.

Sure, you’ll feel good for a time. But it’s temporary. And when it goes you’ll be looking to get your fix again.

As humans, we look to the external world to make us happy. To make us feel better when our life appears to not be what we want it to be.

As humans, we look for instant gratification. Whether that’s getting a compliment from someone. Waiting for your social media post to go viral. Or even winning the lottery.

Just like a craving, we’re looking for a fix. And worse than that, over time, we look for a bigger fix. To the point, where nothing will satisfy the craving because it’s become too big!

However, what if you could satisfy that craving. What if, instead of looking to get that fix from others you just look to yourself. The truth is, the road to happiness starts from within and knowing who you are.

It starts with letting go of all the things that you think are you. It starts with being completely honest with yourself. It starts with allowing yourself to understand who you really are.

Wouldn’t that make life easy?
Wouldn’t that relieve the stress?
Wouldn’t that bring about calm?

And it all starts with looking inwards. To being comfortable being you. It just starts with you.

I invite you to try the following

Listen to your body

If only we properly listened to ourselves life would feel so much easier. The body knows what it wants and what it needs. By listening and getting curious you will understand better what is going on for you.

Let go of the past

Our past stops us from moving forward. The experiences we’ve had. The conversations we have. The people we’ve met. And without knowing it, we hold on to the negative ones more tightly which then define our reality and stops us from seeing what is right in front of us.

Acknowledge your gifts

We all have gifts. Skills and abilities that we’re good at. Yet we tend to focus on what we’re not good at. I invite you to acknowledge all your gifts and focus on making good use of them.

Coaching, Great, self care

Be in the present

What really matters is now. The past has happened and cannot be altered. The future is yet to happen. The only time we have is now. So instead of being distracted by what happened and what might be, embrace where you are now.

Stop making excuses

You are the only person who is standing in your way. Nobody can force us to do or not do something. We have a choice, even if we don’t think we have. And when we think we don’t have any options, that’s when you know you are making excuses.

So you see, taking the time to work on yourself and to understand who you are and what you want is your next best move and will give the answers you are looking for.

Will you now look within?


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