Stop worrying about ‘when is this going to end?’

Aug 19, 2020


It feels like we’ve been stuck in lockdown for ages. It also feels like there is no end to it. Even if the restrictions are easing, it sometimes feels like it’s not enough. And so, it’s easy to dwell and become really negative with life.

But, what would that really achieve?

Not a lot.

Plus, life would feel even worse.

So, instead of focusing on ‘when will this all end?’, I’m focusing on what I know and life right now. The point is, there’s no point in worrying about the things we can’t change. The things we have no control on. For me, the here and now is all I really know.

Here are six things to help you manage your worries and change your focus.

Stop making assumptions

Life is definitely uncertain at the moment and we still have so many questions that currently are unanswered. It’s only natural for us to make assumptions. A way to try and make life more certain. Whether this is positively or negatively.

The thing is, making assumptions doesn’t help because we’re making up the truth based on the limited information we know. Sure it may make you feel better for a while, and whilst you believe in your assumptions, but things are constantly changing. I can imagine, it can feel quite exhausting continually making assumptions on what will and will not happen.

Write it down

One of the best ways to deal with all the worry is to write it down. It helps to stop with the endless conversations that we have with ourselves.

By seeing it written down it also helps you to organise your thoughts. See what is really worrying you, which could be different from what you thought. You may also be able to do something about it.

Focus on what you do know

Turn your attention to what you actually know. What is real. Focus on you and your loved ones rather than the worries of the world.

Acknowledge the good stuff

Find the positives in today’s environment and really focus on the joy of what today is bringing you. Take the opportunity to look for the silver linings. Focus on all the good that is in your life. Acknowledge everything in your life that you are grateful for.

Do things that make you happy

One of the most powerful things we have is the ability to laugh and smile. Obviously, not easy when you don’t feel like laughing or smiling. That’s why it’s important to do things that will distract you and that will naturally make you feel happier. Spend time with loved ones. Exercise. Dance to upbeat music. Whatever it takes to bring back the joy.

Accept the situation

Instead of fighting against where we are at the moment, accept what you can’t change. It’s like pushing against a locked door. No matter how hard you try and try nothing will change. It’s a waste of effort. But, if you can take action that will change things then do it. 

What will you do?


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