Where are your Silver Linings?

Jun 3, 2020

Silver linings

The world is definitely a very different place at the moment. Things that we took for granted are no longer available to us. The way of life that we knew is no longer there. But what amazes me is how quickly we’ve adapted. Maybe it’s our survival instinct. Change or be changed. Whatever that may mean to you.

For me, I’ve kept my focus on all the good things. The Silver Linings. Because there are good things. I refuse to dwell on the negative although I do acknowledge and accept that it’s there.

The big thing for me are the lessons that this time is teaching me. If I didn’t already know, it’s making it really obvious what I value the most. What I hold close to me. What’s important. What I need to let go of.

This is what I’ve learnt and what will be staying with me.


No need to rush

No need to rush

Today we have no reason to rush. It’s not like I have to get the children ready for school by a certain time or get to a meeting. So why should I ever rush? I like this slower pace of life. I get to do things in my own time. Choose how I want things to be.

And so, bearing in mind I have dependents, I will be reducing the amount of rushing in my life. This means I will be more considerate about how I spend my time rather than trying to do everything and be everywhere.

Plenty of family meals

One thing that I’ve loved so much and I look forward to is all our family meals together. I love cooking. I show my love by feeding people. So to be sat around the table tucking into delicious food ticks so many boxes.

One special event that we have weekly is Takeaway Thursday. Seeing my kids embrace a wider variety of foods is awesome. The family favourites are good old-fashioned fish and chips from a proper chippie, butter chicken from the Indian takeaway and crispy duck from the Chinese takeaway.

We will continue to have as many meals together as possible and although it won’t be on a Thursday, we’ll keep treating the kids to a takeaway.

Being in the moment

If I’m being completely honest, the thought of being together for 24/7 really wasn’t something I was looking forward to. I like my space. Plus I don’t want to have to entertain, feed, water and whatever everyone else needs 24/7. After all, I’m not the live in housekeeper. 

What this time has shown me is that it’s nice living in our own bubble. Doing our own thing. Entertaining ourselves without the need for local attractions. Not having to be here, there and everywhere in case we miss something. Our own company is good enough.

I’ll be looking less to filling every moment with doing something and instead just enjoy what we have.

Being creative

I’ve noticed being forced to change usually results in two reactions. Either I dig my heels in and say no or I look for ways to make it work. The latter is actually more painless and can result in some imaginative and amazing outcomes.

What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about being more creative with my business and how that works as well as being creative at home. It’s like what I’ve said previously about letting children get bored. If they get given everything handed to them on a plate their imagination and creativity ends up going to waste.

Well, I feel like that as an adult. I enjoy the challenges life has but maybe previously I’ve started to just accept things. When actually I should be constantly asking why and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ll be continuing to so this.

Being creative

Keeping connected

And finally, I’ve been better at staying connected with my family and friends more now than before. For some reason, ‘life getting in the way’ is not a good enough excuse anymore. The fact that people are alone and vulnerable has really made staying connected so important. But why should this be any different in ‘normal’ times? If people matter then people should matter.

It doesn’t have to be a face to face visit. We have so many options now. A text. A WhatsApp message. A zoom call. Whatever it is. I’ll be there.

This period has definitely made me think and reassess life. What life was like and why. And what I’d like it to be like, because life has been changed, even if it’s only temporary. Things can change so quickly and yet we still focus on the shoulda, woulda and coulda. This time has proved that potentially we could have no time. So instead embrace all the good things and make them count.

That’s ‘All the good things’ according to Mummy on a Break.

What good things will you be keeping?


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