Running out of time: Time is not a space to be filled

Dec 6, 2023 | Wellness

Running out of time

Okay, so full disclosure. I am a recovering busy person. There was a time when I couldn’t not be doing something. The thought of just sitting felt like I wasn’t being productive. 

I loved a full to-do list. I loved having lots of things to do and having my time filled. 

What I was failing to notice was that my busyness was the cause of the rollercoaster of life I was feeling. The overwhelming feeling of there not being enough time. The rushing from one thing to another. The need to do everything or face feeling like I’d failed. 

The result of all this, exhaustion. And yet I soldiered on, because that was the habit I’d created for myself. 

I can remember many moments in my life when being busy just hit me in the face. Where inside I was saying enough is enough. I’m not enjoying this. Life is no fun. Something has to change. I need to be less busy and stop thinking only I can do all the things on the list.

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The trigger moment invariably involved my children and me realising what was important, and being busy wasn’t it. 

I know that I am not alone, as this is also a recurring theme with my clients. They often tell me about how there is never enough time. The thing is, there is always enough time for the important things in life. It’s up to us how we use our time. We just need to make it happen. It’s in our gift.

Let me ask you this, if you woke up in the morning and your sink tap broke and water was spilling all over the kitchen what would you do? You’d make time to fix it.

Don’t wait for the tap to break.

What will you choose?

Do what’s important

If you’re going to use your time in the best possible way you need to know what is important to you. From who you spend your time with to whether or not you live in a clean and tidy house.

That’s what will determine what your day, week, month and year looks like.

Let that be the focus of how you invest your time.

Do one thing at a time

Anyone who thinks they can multi-task is putting themselves under unnecessary stress and is spreading themselves thinly. This results in mistakes being made and poor results. 

Instead, focus on one thing at a time. You will do a better job. You will get it done more quickly. You’ll be able to get more done in the day.

Be in the moment

The true magic happens in the moment. This is because we only have right now. The past has already happened. The future is yet to happen and is determined by what happens now.

So instead of dwelling on the past or fixating on the future, be present now and make the most of this time. 

Avoid using language which symbolises a lack of time

The more you focus on lacking time the more time you will lack. This is because your focus is on the fact that there is not enough time.

I invite you to become more aware of the language that you’re using and start using words that put you in charge of time.


Sometimes doing nothing is the best use of your time

You do not have to fill all your time with doing. It is okay to have time to sit and reflect on life.

This gives you time to check in on yourself. What’s going on? How are you feeling? Does anything need to change?

It’s time to be more productive with your time. It’s a valuable commodity that you need to use wisely. Instead of being a slave to the routine of life that makes you stressed and means you only get peace when you’re asleep, take control of the time you have and use it in a way that serves you.

Is time against you?


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