Life doesn’t have to be hard, life can be so much easier

Jul 21, 2021 | Wellness

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When I look back on my life when I’m old, grey and wrinkly, I want to look back and know my life was easy. Yes, I will have had struggles. Yes, I will have had painful moments. Yes, I will have had to deal with challenges. But why does that have to be hard? I have a choice.

A choice on how I deal with those times. How I respond. How I behave. How I speak.

Making life easy, for me, means cutting out all the noise that naturally makes life feel hard.

Instead, I choose to be openminded, to be curious and to be me.

However, the brain follows the path of least resistance, which implies life will be easy.

And it is easy. But at whose expense? Usually yours. How?

Self doubt, think

Sometimes it’s easier to stay quiet rather than use your voice to say how you feel.

Sometimes it’s just easier to do what someone’s asked rather than being curious and asking why.

Sometimes it’s just easier to go along with the majority rather than standing alone and doing what you believe to be right for you.

But how does that make you actually feel?

Undervalued? Invisible? Unappreciated?

As a busy working mum, it’s easy to get stuck doing the mummy juggle. Is that because everything needs to be done?

Doing everything for everyone? Trying to be everything for everyone? Just trying to do everything?

And how does that feel?

Tiring? Stressful? Frustrating?

What would happen if you stopped juggling? What if you lived your life with more purpose? What if you could just be?

You’d feel calmer. You’d enjoy the moments. You’d be really living.

The truth is, constantly juggling and managing the busy life of parenting is hard work. But it doesn’t have to be. We decide to take on all this stuff, when actually half of it is probably unnecessary and the other half can be shared with others.

I want to help you to live an easier life. A life where you feature as you, not as a mum, sister, friend, auntie or all the other roles you insist on being. 

Here are my 5 tips to help you make that happen.

Set healthy boundaries

Having healthy boundaries makes you decide how you’d like to be treated. But it also means you can then tell others how you’d like to be treated. What is acceptable and what isn’t.

Focus on what is essential and important

It’s easy to want to do everything but is that necessary. It’s about being honest about what you do and knowing that everything you do is worth doing.

Do one thing at one time

Juggling may seem like an amazing talent, which it is if you’re a juggler, but in the real world focusing properly on more than one thing at one time is actually not possible. The brain can’t do it. You will get further and be less stressed if you just do one thing at a time. 

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You are the lead actor in your life so if you’re not giving yourself some time and space to just do what you want then you’ve demoted yourself to a supporting role. Is that what you want?

Do things that make you laugh and smile

Life is about having fun. So do things that put a smile on your face. If you don’t know what that is then reflect on your childhood for a clue. If that doesn’t help then ask a child. They may not know the answer but hearing their opinion will make you smile.

Are you ready for an easy life?


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