How will you be celebrating our Mothers?

Mar 18, 2020

Not to point out the obvious, but Mothers’ Day is in just a few days. In any other year, this wouldn’t make me stop and think. But as we’re in a weird climate, it’s not so straight forward.

Now I’m not thinking about myself. I’m thinking about my mum and other mums who have made the decision to self-isolate. Older mothers, mothers with underlying health issues and soon-to-be mothers. Mothers who may be alone.

There is so much uncertainty in the world at the moment and if you dwell on things for too long you could frighten yourself. All we can do is deal with what we know, prepare for certain outcomes and most importantly not panic.

The question is, how do we celebrate these wonderful women when we can’t be with them?

  1. Use the post

At times, it feels like we’re living in a virtual world with limited human contact. So why not send a card in the post? There’s still time. I’m planning on getting my kiddies to make some homemade cards for my mum. I know she’ll really appreciate the personal touch. Plus, she has plenty of room on her fridge that needs filling.

As for a present, there’s the traditional and I could send flowers. However, I’ve decided that I’m going to give her something to look forward to. I love afternoon tea and it’s been ages since my mum, me and my sister have been out just the three of us. So, I will be giving her an IOU for when this is all sorted.

  1. Use technology

Obviously, we have so many other ways that we can stay in touch with our mums.

  • Send an e-card
  • Make a homemade card, take a photo and text it.
  • Send video messages.

As we won’t be with mum on the day, we will be facetiming her. We may not be there in person, so this is the next best thing.

With things changing daily, I find comfort in looking for the positives.

Being grateful

It’s times like these, where I count my blessings. I have two healthy and happy children. Something that I could never take for granted. Especially as I have wonderful friends and family who have either struggled to get pregnant, are still trying to get pregnant or who are caring for beautiful children with complex needs.

Having my mum in my life

I’m lucky to still have my mum in my life, when a number of my friends and family don’t. I didn’t really appreciate how awesome my mum is until I became a mummy. She was like Superwoman when we were growing up. And I can’t remember her ever complaining! She had a full time job working with my dad running the family restaurant plus she was a full time housewife and mum!

So this Sunday, I will be fully embracing Mothers’ Day in every way I can and making sure that I’m celebrating all the positives.

That’s ‘How will you be celebrating our Mothers?’ according to Mummy on a Break.

What are you doing on Mothers’ Day?

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