Five things I won’t miss about the lockdown

Jul 29, 2020

Five things I won't miss about the lockdown

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve started to feel like life is getting back to some kind of normal. It’s great that we’re getting some of the freedom back that we enjoyed only a few months ago, and I probably took for granted.

I’m enjoying the simple things, like going to see my parents in their house, having a haircut and taking a short family trip away.

I’ve learnt a lot during the lockdown, mainly about myself and all the things that I’m grateful for. And, it’s especially made me appreciate the life I have.

However, this is not over and we are still in this surreal situation. Leaving the house now involves ensuring that everyone has their face masks and checking we know what procedure to follow when we’re out and about. 

As lockdown continues to ease, there are definitely a few things I will not miss. Here are 5 things I will not miss about lockdown

Confined to the house

Being confined to the house

Now I love my family, but my goodness, being confined to the house with just us 4 wasn’t what I was expecting it to be like. I mean, I was used to having the house to myself during the day. Having the space to get on with my business. But like the rest of the world, my space was invaded by my family.

Rarely has there been a moment of alone time. Time to just be and not to have to answer to someone else’s needs. After all, according to my family, I have the answers to all their questions!

It’s been all about juggling. Doing a little bit of everything to at least appease the majority. The fact is, we may attempt to keep the balls up in the air but that’s really not healthy and is definitely not sustainable at any time.

Instead, I’ve learnt that it’s more about being flexible, being creative and knowing what’s possible and realistic. 

Not being able to see family and friends

Being able to stay in contact with family and friends online has been great. But, I’ve missed the human contact. Being able to actually see people in person. To get a real sense of what’s going on that just doesn’t come across online.

Plus, being online just emphasised the situation. It was another reminder of what was going on in the real world.

I can’t wait to start socialising properly and having proper catch ups with everyone.

No hugs

I’ve always loved a good hug. We hug for so many different reasons. We hug to say hello. We hug to comfort others. We hug to celebrate. But not anymore. We are now living in a strictly no hugging environment. It’s a good job I can still smother my kiddies and hubby with hugs.

There is one good thing to come out of this ‘no hugging’ environment. There are fewer awkward moments when greeting people. I don’t mean with family and friends. I mean with people you don’t know well or have met for the first time. No second guessing over what’s appropriate. A handshake, a hug or a wave? Now it’s easy. Don’t touch.

No hugs

Continuous washing hands

Yes, I know this is important but I won’t miss always having to wash my hands. The paranoia of it all. We’ve had the benefit, or not, of our own personal handwashing monitor in the form of my four year old son. He’s been committed to making sure that we wash our hands even if his were becoming very dry and even cracking. 

Extra housekeeping duties

More bodies being in the house has brought with it more housekeeping duties. Feeling like I’m constantly picking up after others. Telling my lovely offspring to continuously tidy up. Feeling like every room I walk into has had a clothes bomb or toy bomb explode in it. 

What have I don’t about it? I’ve done what any parent would do. I’ve threatened. I’ve bartered. I’ve bribed. And finally, I’ve just given up and accepted what will be will be. Even if it means that I have a quick tidy up at the end of the day.

So there are a few things that I will not miss and I’m sure many of you can sympathy with some of the things on my list. But I always like to find the positive. And for me, there have been positives. Mainly, because I will now appreciate all the things that I couldn’t do and, now, are slowly coming back into my life.

What will you be glad to see the end of? 

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