Five things I will miss about lockdown

Aug 12, 2020


So we’re coming out of lockdown and that means that life once again is changing. Changing for the better in most cases. We’re slowly getting our freedom back. The ability to do what we want again but knowing that there are some limitations. 

The thing is, the lockdown for me did have some real benefits. Benefits that I can feel are slipping away. Although I’m still trying to cling on to them. Well, those that I have control over. 

Here are the five things I will miss about the lockdown.

Relaxed mornings

Relaxed mornings

There is no doubt, that because we weren’t allowed to go anywhere, our mornings were less frantic. I didn’t have to be the timekeeper. I didn’t have to make sure that we were up by a certain time to make sure we could do everything before leaving the house by a certain time.

But I know that when school starts in September, we could be back to this rushing. And this time, there’ll be two kiddies to get ready as my son starts school in September.

Now that I know what it’s like to not rush, I want to hold onto it. Which I know is possible but means being super organised. Lucky for me, I’m good at that.

Knowing someone’s in

Just knowing someone’s at home has been brilliant. So many benefits, especially when it comes to receiving a delivery.

Before the lockdown, having to agree to a time slot of any time of the day was really quite annoying. Having to rearrange life to make sure I was home.

But now that we’ve experienced only working from home, it doesn’t feel like it will return to how it was before. Now it’s more about making sure one of us can answer the door, because we might be on a zoom call.

Fewer cars on the road

It was great at the beginning of the lockdown. We would go for a walk and there would be hardly any cars on the road. It would be quiet and there would be no fumes to inhale. 

As people start to move more freely, it’s about being aware of the traffic again and also making the conscious decision on when to use the car.

Less washing

I’m not sure how it happened, but it’s been great not having as much washing. I reckon it’s because I didn’t have school uniforms or work clothes to wash. Better for the environment and it means that I spend less time going backwards and forwards between loading the washing machine, hanging the washing, folding and then putting away.

Being in our lockdown bubble

I really quite liked being in our own little bubble. Doing our own thing when we wanted to without worrying about anyone else. Spending quality time together and having fun just us. Knowing that our own company was and is enough.

being in our bubble

The trick now will be to balance being sociable, and not packing every weekend with seeing someone, versus just being.

What will you miss?


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