Don’t let your problems dictate how you view life

Dec 8, 2021 | Wellness


Our problems are usually the triggers for all the drama in our lives. The thing is, we will always experience problems. The difference between enjoying our life or feeling like we’re surrounded by drama is how we view our problems.

My question to you is, do you see them as challenges that can be overcome or are they brick walls that stop you from progressing?

Whichever your answer, it’s about perspective.

By choosing the perspective that best serves us, not only will life feel less like an uphill struggle but you will also find the solution you are looking for that will solve the problems that you will come your way.

What you may not realise is, you do have a choice. How you view life is your choice and you have more power than you may think.

So, what will you choose?

I must admit, I love a problem. Or should I say I love solving problems. I like that solving a problem means I can get curious and creative. Yes, I do feel awkward and uncomfortable, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For me, problems keep me on my toes. Problems make life interesting. Problems remind me to enjoy my journey, which is the most important thing.

It’s my attitude that makes dealing with problems less painful and sometimes even enjoyable. Problems are only bad or negative if that’s the meaning we decide to give them. However, if we look at them as a step towards where we are trying to go then it takes the pressure off. It helps to give us the focus we need.

I mean, it’s natural to think of a problem as negative. Problems can feel like someone has put a barrier in your way. Problems can make life feel like hard work. Problems can interrupt your journey.

However, what if you chose to look at the ‘problems’ that occur in your life differently. What if you saw them as opportunities? Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to grow. Opportunities to improve your life.

As I’ve said, it’s all about perspective and knowing that we decide, we make the choice, how we respond to what happens in our life.

I invite you to think differently about the problems that you may experience and take the time to pause, reflect and then make a choice.

Understand the emotion

Problems always attract emotion which is usually triggered by our values. It’s how we measure ourselves against that value that can make us more emotional and less able to deal with it. Knowing what the trigger is and why the problem is making us feel uncomfortable helps us to see more clearly what we are faced with. 

Become neutral

By taking the emotion out of the situation and viewing it as neutral, you are then free to deal with it from a position that is more powerful. You are able to think more clearly about the situation and how you might resolve it.

You always have a choice

It can feel like we don’t have any options when we are faced with problems during our life. However, you always have choices, it’s just you may be worried about the consequences. It’s about focusing on what is your next best move.

Have faith in yourself

This may sound simple, but it’s about believing in yourself and your abilities. It’s staying in a place of ‘I can’ rather than ‘I can’t’.

Take action

Moving forward in life is never a straight line. There will be twists and turns. It’s about deciding what steps you want to take and committing to following what you know to be right.

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Problems will create drama in your life, however, the impact of the drama is up to you. You get to decide. You get to accept that problems are a part of life. What will make the difference is your attitude and your perspective. You get to choose whether you want to allow life to just happen, which is still your choosing. Or, whether you want to be in the driver’s seat and live consciously.

What will you decide?


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