Do you have time to think?

Feb 2, 2022 | Work

When things are not going according to plan, what do you do?

Do you ask yourself, what else can I do?

Or, do you take time out?

Or, do you take the time to think about what is happening?

Or, do you do less of the doing and more thinking?

It’s only natural to look to see what else can be done. Taking action means being productive and progress, doesn’t it?

I used to think so. Having spent over 15 years in the corporate world, where the expectation was to ‘do’ as this creates results, I’ve now realised that I’d developed a bad habit!

I like to take action. I like seeing the ticks on my to-do list. This shows me that I’m being productive. Can you relate?

My corporate career had definitely conditioned me into being a doer. Having the ability to demonstrate my worth by the number of things I’ve done. But that’s exhausting.

I’m also really good at being busy. I find it difficult to do nothing. I feel if I’m doing nothing, I’m wasting time. After all, there is always something to do!

But what if ‘doing’ less actually meant progressing more? I know, this sounds odd doesn’t it.

mum to be, judging

What if taking action is not just about physically doing something but also taking the time to think. To really understand what is going on. To release the emotions that are holding you back. To widen your perspective so you can take even better action, instead of relying just on trial and error.

Now I remind myself to stop.

Stop to give me time to think.

Having thinking time is so powerful. Giving yourself the opportunity to daydream allows you to be creative and come up with ideas that you would not have thought of if you just focused on doing.

Intrigued? Next time you’re faced with a challenge give yourself some time to do the following so that you can deal with the challenge and put in place actions to overcome it. 


This is a great way to release the jumble of thoughts circulating in your head and in a format that will help you to make sense of what’s going on. Take the time to just write and don’t think about what you’re writing just let the pen do the work.


A great way to break the cycle and to stop going around in circles. If you’re feeling stuck do something that positively interrupts you, like playing music or going for a walk. That break will help you to see more clearly and change your energy for the better.

Focus on abundance

We have a tendency to focus on what we can’t do and what is missing rather than what we can do and what we have. By refocusing your mind, you are also tuning into the positive energy that will drive you forward instead of holding you back.


Now you are in a better place to come up with solutions. See your challenge from different perspectives. What would you say if a friend came to you with this challenge? Or your sister, colleague, daughter?

Take your first step

You are now ready to decide what your next best move is so take it with confidence and see what happens.

The next time you’re faced with a challenge or an obstacle is placed in your way give yourself a better chance of succeeding and take the time to think. Then decide what your next best move is.

Will you give yourself thinking time?


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