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Jun 30, 2021 | Wellness


How often have you said ‘fine’ when someone has asked you, how are you or how are things?

Did you mean to say fine?

Or, did you mean to say something else?

Did you just say fine because that’s the easy option?

Did you say fine because you didn’t want to tell the truth?

Fine to me is what I call a ‘full stop’ word. A word we use to end the conversation. A word that stops a conversation from starting. A word that hides what is really going on.

Instead, get curious and then decide whether you really are ‘fine’.

Let’s look at it a different way. If someone offered to make your life difficult, what would you say? Yes, please. Of course not. You’d tell them to go away. Obviously.

But as mums, that’s not what we do. We insist on doing everything ourselves. We don’t ask for help. Although we may need help. We even expect others to be able to read our minds and just do what is necessary! Accepting help or asking for help is at the bottom of the list. That’s why everything is ‘fine’, she says through gritted teeth.

And why?

mentor for mums

Judgement. Other’s will say we’re not good enough.

Comparisonitis. If Julie can do it then I can’t do it.

Disappointment. You don’t want to let anyone down. 

Perfectionism. My way is best.

The list is very long!

As mums, our default is to put everyone else first. To sort everyone else out before we think of ourselves. Making sure everyone else is okay first. Everyone else’s needs are met first. Everyone else is doing what they want first.

Then what’s left?

No time. No energy. No motivation. 

Is that what you really want?

Surely you want to be living your best life?

I know this may be cliché. This may be overused. But it’s a valid question. I mean what are your alternatives?

Living a bland life? Living an okay life? Living an acceptable life?

It’s simple. Life will be whatever you want it to be. You decide.

You have the power to decide how the day will turn out. You have the power to decide how you respond to whatever life throws at you. You have the power to make the right choice for yourself.

It may not always feel like it but it is true. Nobody can make you think, say or do anything you don’t want. There may be consequences. There may be challenges. There may be uncertainty. But it’s still your decision, even if you think you have no choice, you actually do.

So why not look at life differently? I’d like you to dare to dream of the life you really want. What does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it feel like?

How great would it be to actually be the creator of that wonderful life? Instead of going with the flow. Instead of settling. Instead of letting what will be will!

And there is no reason why you can’t make that happen.

But, if you’re thinking, that sounds great but that’s all too difficult. Or, I don’t know where to start. In that case, you need some help from either a coach or mentor.

possible, think

A coach will:

  • help you to see what you cannot see.
  • help you to recognise your challenges and blocks and give you the tools you need to face those challenges and deal with the blocks.
  • be your biggest cheerleader and help you to become who you want to be.
  • be the first one to celebrate your success.
  • help you get back on track if you stumble and fall.
  • guide you to where you want to go.
  • help you to help yourself.

The thing is, you are not alone. We all need help at points in our lives. And there is always someone who can help you. You just need to decide that’s what you need and then go find the person who can help you.

Would you like some help with that? Get in touch.


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