Being busy is ruining your life

Jun 14, 2023 | Random stuff


I am a recovering ‘busy’ person. I loved and love being busy. Filling my time with stuff. Making sure that I’m not wasting the time I have. But time is precious. It’s not a commodity that should be wasted.

How we spend our time needs to be a conscious decision. Instead of just a series of activities and actions that we do.

We have choices. We can rush from one thing to another or we can choose to be present and enjoy the moment, even if it’s a challenging one.

For me, being busy sucks. I find it difficult to enjoy where I am because I’m distracted by what I need to do next. And sometimes, I even replay the last thing that happened because I know I probably missed something. And then I feel sad because I didn’t allow myself to enjoy the moment.

When I feel busy, I can feel it in my body, mainly in my stomach. Those feelings are uncomfortable but it’s just a signal to myself that something needs to change because I’m not spending my time wisely.

What I’m trying to say is, please stop being busy.

Instead, live consciously and start being present

Here’s how you can start

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Why are you busy?

Start by being honest with yourself and understanding why you’re busy. Maybe it’s because:

  • There are too many things to do and only you can do them – is this true? Does everything need to be done? Are you really the only one who can do them? Or is it that you are avoiding something or hiding something?
  • You want to be the best you can be – can you only be the best if you’re busy? Is this your expectation or someone else’s?
  • You think that time needs to be filled doing something – why is that? What would happen if you took some time to do nothing?

Shake off those beliefs that are not serving you

Before you can stop being busy, you need to let go of the beliefs that you are holding onto that force you to always choose to be busy. There are many tools you can use like journaling, meditating and going for a walk that will help you to identify your beliefs. You can then acknowledge them and over time practice letting them go.

Focus on what matters

Over time we get locked into a routine of habits, some that serve us and some that don’t. In order to stop being busy just doing, it’s time to focus on what matters so that you can remove any habits that are not helpful. Decide what is important in your life and how you’d like to spend your time. Then focus on nurturing the habits that will help make that happen.

Create healthy boundaries

Healthy boundaries are just a set of rules that you will live your life by to ensure that you spend your time in the way you want. It’s about deciding what is acceptable and what isn’t. But don’t keep them to yourself. Let the people around you know what they are too so they can support you as well.

Practise being less busy

Then it’s about practising being less busy. Remember all habits take time to change and the more you practice the quicker you’ll create a better habit that serves you.

You see being busy is a choice. You can be busy doing things that are important and things that make you happy or you can be busy filling time. It’s your choice.


Are you the wrong kind of busy?


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