You’re Never Alone

Aug 22, 2019

There are times when I need space and I want to be left alone. The problem is. When you have kids you’re rarely alone. Having your own space becomes a luxury. Spending time in your own company is precious. I have now come to accept there are moments my kiddies share with me whether I want to or not.

Going to the toilet
This is obviously a very private moment. Something that really shouldn’t be shared. However, kids are really not bothered by this. So much so that I actually don’t even bother to close the door as they will freely walk in and out of the bathroom as they see fit. If I even attempt to lock the door I get endless knocking and even attempted break ins. So, it’s just easier not to.

Having a shower
I’ve become really good at having a very quick shower. It’s the only way I can have a moment to myself. However, there are occasions when it’s actually easier just to let them join me. Although this solves the problem it also brings with it a whole new dimension. Questions. Pointing out your wobbly bits. Remarking on any body oddities. My kiddies are not shy in telling me what’s on their minds.

Sleeping properly
I’m one of the lucky ones as I do, in the main, get a good night’s sleep. However, there are times when I get a harsh wake up call in the middle of the night. Like one of the kids is having a nightmare. Which is fair enough. But I also get, ‘I can’t sleep’. Which can happen to all of us. But it’s also not surprising if they insist on keeping their eyes open! My personal favourite is ‘mummy I’m untucked’. ‘Mummy, can you come and tuck me in?’

I’ve learned to choose my battles. Believe it or not, there are rare occasions when I know I’m not going to win. That’s when I contemplate letting them sleep with us. Not only do my two have ants in their pants but they’re also like hot pokers. They exude a ridiculous amount of heat. This wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t insist on sleeping on top of me!

Eat a hot meal
The one time when I get to eat a hot meal is my dinner because the kiddies are asleep. When they were younger and to a degree now my food was eaten at a lukewarm temperature. The reason. First. I serve myself last. Don’t worry I always make plenty so there’s always enough. Secondly. I may have to either chop something, remove skin or blow on it because it’s too hot.

Eat your own meal
Why is it that kids like what’s on your plate even if you have the same? My kiddies like most things so there is no way I’m eating my food without having to share. Depending on where we are I’ve sometimes even resorted to secret eating. Although even then they seem to know what I’m doing.

Drinking a drink in your own time
Not so much now, but drinking a hot drink. When the kiddies were younger I was more cautious about having a hot drink anywhere near them. Just in case it got split and burnt them. So, I’d put it out of reach. Then I’d forget about it. Meaning I’d have to drink it cold. It’s only now I have the luxury of enjoying a hot drink.

Why do I do this? Why don’t I put myself first? It’s simple. Because of love. I will always put the needs of my kiddies first. I’m a grown up. I will survive without. Plus, it’s not exactly a huge sacrifice. Having said all this, it is important for me to put myself first occasionally.

That’s never being alone according to Mummy on a Break

Have I missed anything?

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