You don’t have to be loud to be confident

Mar 17, 2021


We all have our own idea as to what confidence looks like. It might be, being able to easily walk into a room full of strangers. It might be, easily being able to speak in front of a packed room. It might be, being able to easily speak your mind when you know it’s different from the majority.

But what does it take to be able to do all these things? 

You may say, someone who appears to be an extrovert, who is doing all the talking and who’s comfortable being in the presence of strangers.

Is this person confident?

Do you know what they might be thinking whilst seemingly projecting a confident person? They may actually be really self-conscious and being loud and vocal is their coping mechanism for this.  

Similarly, do you assume that a quiet person lacks confidence?

So, we can’t assume the loud person in the room, who is easily able to hold court, is confident whilst the quiet person, in the crowd, lacks confidence. 

For me, confidence comes from within. It’s not what you’re projecting. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about being comfortable with who you are. It’s about knowing you are okay exactly how you are.

In my opinion, we spend far too much time focusing on what others think of us, rather than being happy with what we think of ourselves. And I mean, honestly content with how amazing we are. Because if we’re content on the inside. If we’re strong on the inside, we’ll have developed a powerful inner confidence that will mean we’re in a better place to deal with whatever life throws at us.

It’s simple, what really matters is what you think.

Here are my 5 tips to be more confident.

Fake it until you make it

To start with, it is about faking it until you make it and embodying the traits of people you view as confident. It’s about striking that superman pose to tell yourself that you are confident.

Change the story

If you keep telling yourself you’re not confident then don’t be surprised at the lack of confidence you have. If you want to be confident, tell yourself you are until you truly believe it.

Stop listening to your inner critic

As I’ve said before, our inner voice is neither good nor bad, it’s about protecting the species. The thoughts that pop into our heads are about keeping us safe. Keeping us in our comfort zone. If you want to grow in confidence, get out of your comfort zone. Your confidence will grow the more you test your boundaries and experience new things.


Focus on the positive

It’s easy to say, but focus on the good rather than dwelling on the bad. When you focus on the negative your body starts to take on the posture of someone who wants to hideaway. Instead, focus on the positive and then notice how you stand tall, you hold your head up and you walk more assertively.

Become comfortable in yourself

The most important thing is, be comfortable with who you are. It’s that inner confidence that really matters. Be aware of all the wonderful things that you have to offer and use this to grow your inner confidence.

You see, confidence is like a muscle, you need to continuously be working it, because over time, just like a muscle, if you don’t work it you may find that your confidence fades and you won’t even realise it.

How confident are you?


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