WITH THE KIDS: Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo

Feb 20, 2020

It’s been a few years since we visited Folly Farm, but we’ve always had a good time so being in the area we had to go. As we started to get closer, it all started to feel familiar, although we were still half a mile away. The old memories of when we first visited when my daughter was only one were fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday.

The first thing that was different was the new entrance. Which just goes to show how popular Folly Farm is. Plenty more room for souvenirs making it an even bigger challenge to avoid on exit.

As it was just a bit chilly, we headed for the indoor attractions first, the Jolly Barn. The perfect opportunity to get out of the cold and also see some very cute animals including a couple of giant rabbits. Plus, the spider down the toilet, which my kiddies found hilarious. I was also surprised, and pleased, that both Lea and Louka wanted to actually feed the baby goats. Up until recently, they loved the idea of it but would make me do it right at the last minute. Having seen and stroked all the farmyard animals and pets, my kiddies wanted to go to the indoor fairground, the Carousel Woods. So quaint. An old fashioned fairground with Waltzers, Dodgems and traditional fairground games like the coconut shy. Armed with Folly Farm tokens, my kiddies didn’t know which ride to go on first. So, we picked the Chair-O-

Planes. All four of us. I don’t mind admitting I was apprehensive. I’m not that keen on rides anyway. But all was okay. Although I did feel like I might fly out of my seat. I didn’t realise how high and out they went! We then went on the dodgems, and Lea, my six year old, insisted on driving. Fun as it was, she’s going to need a lot of driving lessons when she’s older. Fortunately, I was saved by the call for lunch and as usual I’d made up a picnic. However, I do remember that previously we had eaten in the Funfair restaurant, which was both tasty and good value for money.
We just about had enough tokens for the Ghost Train. I really wasn’t sure how the kiddies were going to take it. I had visions of people dressed up in scary fancy dress jumping out on us giving Lea and Louka nightmares. I was building it up to be a lot more frightening than it actually was. By this point we were starting to get a little claustrophobic. Time to explore the grounds and see some of the animals. The park has definitely changed over the years, mainly expanding to include more animals. It’s one of the few zoos where you actually get quite close to the lions who were basking in the sun. And no trip would be complete without seeing the meerkats.
Having covered quite a bit of the ground we needed a well-deserved break, and I was craving some sugar covered doughnuts, one of my favourite treats. We had just enough time for the kiddies to have a run-around and explore in the playgrounds before it was time to leave. Prices for Folly Farm are £16.95 for adults and £14.95 for children (aged three to 15 years). Visit https://www.folly-farm.co.uk/buy-tickets/ for more details on prices and discounts.

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