Why is creativity not about being an artist?

Feb 17, 2021

Creativity, creative

When I was younger, the emphasis on being ‘arty’ was all about how good you were. Could you replicate an image on canvas from a photograph? Could you play a piece of music without making any mistakes? Were you pitch perfect? And more importantly, I wasn’t encouraged to take part in the arts seriously as this wasn’t a sound career option! It wasn’t considered a stable form of employment and it definitely wasn’t going to give me financial security.

Sure there are many talented people creating who have good careers. However, that’s not the point. Having the freedom to be creative and to just simply create has so many great benefits. So for us who are not ‘arty’, it’s got nothing to do with whether someone perceives the work to be ‘good enough’. It’s about how we feel when we’re creating and what creativity gives.

To create is good for everyone. To create is good for the soul.

Being creative and allowing ourselves to be expressive has so many benefits. Allowing ourselves to be free to create whatever we want is therapeutic. It’s a form of expression. It’s a way to unload all the burdens and stresses that weigh down on us.

Whether you choose to create art, sing a song, play an instrument or write, it’s your opportunity to express yourself. A way of releasing those thoughts, feelings and emotions that are clogging up our system that are bursting to get out. And this can be done by just creating something that could also turn out to be truly wonderful. For you.

You see it’s not about whether you can draw the best picture or play an instrument perfectly. It’s about the benefits you feel when you are creative and what it could do for you.

Here are 5 reasons to start creating now for yourself, regardless of whether someone thinks it’s good.

Creating is a form of release

It’s a great way to release the tension and stresses that we bottle up inside us. Whether it’s singing in the shower, dancing around the kitchen to a power ballad or simply writing. It’s an outlet that not only brings us enjoyment but helps us to let go.

Creating keeps us present

It helps us to be present and in the moment instead of worrying about what has happened and what might be. Whether this is getting lost in the music, focusing on the strokes of the paintbrush or busily writing the words of a story, you have little choice but to be in the moment.

It’s good for self-care

Giving ourselves the time and space to focus on just ourselves is great for our self-care. It’s a great form of escape without necessarily going anywhere other than within ourselves.

Trial and Error

The best learning comes from trial and error and working your creative muscle is a safe way of getting you to become more confident to have a go. It allows you to experiment and to see what happens. We grow through learning and what better way to learn than by trial and error whilst doing something fun like creating.

Helps with problem solving

It also helps with our ability to problem solve. Being creative allows us to see things differently. Look at things from a different perspective. Be more open to possibilities. Just like problem solving. So by working your creativity muscle you’re also training yourself to improve your problem solving.

Self doubt

So you see, being creative is not just for children and artists, it’s for everyone. It’s a fun way to be expressive. A fun way to try out new ideas. A fun way to lose yourself in something that is all yours and where nobody’s opinion counts but yours. 

No one can judge creativity because it’s a personal thing. So who is to say what is good or not? It’s your interpretation. Which makes it unique to you. And you can be creative anywhere and with anything. Just use your imagination.

If for nothing else, it’s a great form of self-care.

Are you being creative?


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