Why are you doubting yourself?

Feb 3, 2021

Self-doubt can happen to anyone at any time. It doesn’t discriminate. It can, seemingly, appear out of the blue. Or, it can be a slow burn that builds over time. But once the seed is planted it can be difficult to remove.

We start to doubt ourselves for several reasons. It might be that we lack confidence. It might be the fear of failure. It might be that we’re scared. It might be that we fear being judged.

Whatever the reason, the result is that you end up holding yourself back. Whether this is not fulfilling your full potential. Or not realising your dreams. Or simply taking a back seat and becoming an observer of your life.

But what if things were different? What if you could change things? Just imagine how life would be different. Just imagine how you would feel. Just imagine the wonderful experiences you would have.

You see, doubting yourself is all in the mind. It is wrapped up in the thoughts that pop into our heads. It’s entangled in the way we talk to ourselves. The thing is, we have a choice. We can open our eyes and see what is really true or we can put our heads in the sand and accept that our thoughts must be true.

Here are some simple tips to help you manage those thoughts and start to restore self-belief.

Who do you want to become?

Step out of who you think you are and decide who you want to be.

  • How will you behave?
  • How will you speak?
  • How will you present yourself?

Then take action to become that person. Commit to personal development. 

What are you telling yourself?

Become aware of your thoughts.

  • What are you saying?
  • Why are you saying it?
  • What triggered it?

This will help you to understand why you doubt yourself, when it started and why it started.

Are you forgetting the good stuff?

Not all our thoughts are negative. They’re triggered by a need to be safe. A need to protect the species. But don’t disregard the helpful thoughts. The ones that spur you on. The ones you know to be true. Fully embrace them as they serve you.

Have you got evidence?

Thoughts are triggered from an emotional response, so look to your past to confirm what you know to be real. Look for evidence from your past experience that reinforces positive outcomes. Use this to reframe what you’re saying to yourself.

Are you willing to let it go?

Then comes the challenging part. Letting go of those thoughts that are not serving you. This doesn’t mean ignoring them. This means understanding, acknowledging and then releasing them. Doing this ritual means, the negative thought is less likely to pop up later and sidetrack you or divert you to a new course of action that isn’t helpful.

So you see, we do have a choice on whether we choose to have belief in ourselves or doubt ourselves. It may be challenging. It may take a lot of time. It definitely takes practice. And it is a continuous thing. But ultimately, it’s what will keep us going no matter what life throws at us.

Do you believe?


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