Which Advent Calendar would you buy?

Nov 6, 2019

So being completely honest, when it comes to buying Advent Calendars I just look at what is available in the supermarket and go for the cheapest chocolate one. This is because it’s the simplest solution to satisfying my children. As far as they’re concerned, they just want a chocolate one. They’re not fussy on what type of chocolate. Well, as long as it tastes good. So to be fair, it’s got to be from a decent producer, which is usually Cadburys.

However, this year, I’ve decided to make a more considered decision. I’ve decided to have a look around at what is available. So here is my list of advent calendars for both children and adults.


The Chocolate Ones

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar £5.24 

If your kiddies love Cadbury’s, then this could be for you. There is a mixture of either milk chocolate or milk chocolate with vanilla mousse filling.

Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar £8

Something a little more fun is this 3D calendar. This castle calendar is filled with an assortment of different smarties chocolates. I love a little variety.

Kinder Egg Surprise and Friends Advent Calendar £17 

Who doesn’t love a kinder egg? Even if your kiddies don’t like the chocolate you get a little toy. In this calendar, there is a mixture of 11 kinder eggs and some individual kinder chocolate.

There are also plenty of options if you have to take into account allergies.


  • You could try something by Haribo for a chocolate alternative.
  • Or Moo Free which is gluten, dairy and soya free plus it’s also suitable for vegans.
The Non Chocolate ones

But if you want to avoid the sweet stuff as the kiddies will probably get a lot of chocolate over Christmas then why not try these alternatives.

Disney Storybook Collection Advent Calendar £16.99
But if you want something that isn’t a toy then this storybook calendar is a good alternative. For each day, there is a miniature book to ready.

Smiggle Advent Calendar £18
If you have a stationary lover in the house then this calendar is for you and it also features 8 items exclusive to the calendar. Who doesn’t love stationary?

Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar £19.49
Perfect for lego and Harry Potter fans, behind each of the 24 doors there is a toy including 7 Minifigures, Micro Hogwarts Express Train and Hedwig Figurine.

Aquabeads Advent Calendar £19.99
If you’re looking for more than just a toy a day then this calendar could be just what you need. This calendar comes with enough beads to create Christmas themed tree decorations.

Crayola Christmas Advent Calendar Kit £22.99
I don’t know about you, but my kiddies love crafting so this would be perfect. Each day will give them a creative project to work.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar 24 pc Pocket Pop £40
This one is not just for Christmas but will keep the kids entertained even when Christmas has been forgotten. Well until next year! Behind each door is a surprise character.
That’s the children done. Now for us adults.

Advent Calendars for adults

Aero Bliss Premium Advent Calendar £6
Keeping it simple, try this chocolate calendar from Aero which includes three different flavours of salted caramel, milk chocolate and praline.

Green and Black’s Chocolate Advent Calendar £12
Love these miniature chocolate bars which come in a variety of delicious flavours.

Ferrero Collection Advent Calendar £12
Why not spoil yourself with these tasty chocolatey nutty balls. It’s so difficult to just have one!

Hotel Chocolat The Advent Calendar £12.50
I know if I was to treat myself to some fancy chocolates, Hotel Chocolat would be it. This calendar includes 24 solid caramel chocolate Christmas figures.

Hot chocolate Advent Calendar £20
However, if liquid chocolate is more your thing, then you could try this hot chocolate calendar to warm you during the winter days. It includes an assortment of plain and different flavoured hot chocolate.

Fever Tree Gin and Tonic £60
But, if you’re looking for something a bit stronger and you love gin then this one might be for you.

Do It Yourself

However, there is a third option for children and adults. You could make your own.

Whether you decide to literally do it yourself and make a calendar that you can reuse every year. Like these examples:
DIY Advent Calendars

Or you buy an empty calendar that you fill every year, like this one:
Great Little Trading Co Woodland Christmas Advent Calendar £45

That’s ‘Which Advent Calendar would you buy?’ according to Mummy on a Break.

Are you buying advent calendars?


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