I Want To Help

Jan 8, 2020

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been thinking a lot. I’ve been reflecting and thinking. Reflecting on the last few years. Thinking about all the things that have happened. So much has changed. If you’d told me at the beginning of 2016 that in a few years I would have left the security of my corporate job and I’d be doing my own thing, I doubt I would have believed you. Although, I would have been intrigued.

So, rewind a few years.

Back in 2016, I had known that I needed to make some changes. But I thought that it was just a case of finding a new job. I mean at that point in my life I wasn’t really ready for anything bigger. I was on maternity leave with my little boy and my daughter was only 3. 

Deciding that I needed to change jobs was just the trigger. The trigger to bigger and better things. But I didn’t know it yet. 

One thing I knew for certain was that I was exhausted. I was on what I now call the treadmill of life. I’d got stuck into this daily routine. I wasn’t living life. It felt more like I was just existing. Going through the motions. I don’t mean to paint a bleak picture. Because I was happy. It just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. 

Now, I’m not one for just sitting around and letting life happen. If there’s a problem I want to fix it. Moaning about things doesn’t change things. If anything, it probably makes things feel worse.

That’s why I decided to leave my job.

Having spoken to quite a few women, I know that I’m not alone in how I felt. You see, as mums we’re very good at putting the needs of everyone else ahead of our own. It’s what we do. It’s in our DNA. After all, back in the day whilst the men were out hunting the women were looking after things. It’s our default position.

I’m lucky. I was in a position where I could take that leap of faith. Make changes immediately. Without really having a plan. Over the last few years, I’ve learned so much and with the support of my family and friends I’m now in a position where I actually feel like I’m living. I’ve taken back control. I’m now where I’m meant to be.

It’s been emotional. I’ve had low moments. Moments where I just wanted to hide. But I’ve also had so many awesome moments. Moments that regularly remind me that leaving my job was the right decision.

This is going to sound like a cliché but I now feel more comfortable in my skin. I feel better mentally and physically. And for me, it all comes down to mindset. The way I talk to myself. The way I view things. Being open to what could be. Being aware of my actions and reactions. And so, I can be the best I can be. One of the most important things is that I can be the best mum to my kids. Not perfect. Just the best I can be.

So I now want to help other mums who are feeling the same. Who are stuck. Who want to make changes. But don’t know where to start.

Using my journey of figuring things out whether it’s work, relationships, money, wellness or the fun stuff.

Watch this space to find out more.

That’s ‘I want to help’ according to Mummy on a Break.

Are you stuck on the treadmill?

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