Life will be better when you think differently

Apr 14, 2021

How many times do you go to do something only to talk yourself out of it? 

How many times do you get excited about possible opportunities only to change your mind?

How many times do you make a decision you’re happy with only to then doubt yourself?

If you said sometimes or always then keep reading.

You see what you’re listening to is your inner voice that is trying to keep you safe. Yet it’s also stopping you from doing what you really want to in life.

We pay far too much attention to that voice inside our heads. The one that is neither good nor bad but is just trying to keep us safe. But what is it actually doing?

It’s stopping you from living life.

It’s stopping you from enjoying all that life has to give.

It’s stopping you.

Self doubt, think

However, you do have the power to quieten those voices that tell you you can’t. The inner voice that:

  • holds you back
  • makes you feel stuck
  • stops you from taking on exciting new opportunities
  • makes you say no instead of yes
  • limits you from experiencing life
  • restricts you in your daily life

After all, who’s really stopping you?

The real answer is you are. And, it’s because you’ve decided to listen to your thoughts, which don’t have to be your reality.

You do have a choice as to whether you listen. You have the power and strength to change things. All you need is to believe you can and you will. 

So stop paying attention to the voice that really isn’t serving you and start paying attention to what you actually want. That’s what will motivate you to take action and stop feeling stuck.

Here are my 5 tips to help you think differently so you can silence that inner voice with confidence. 

Notice your thoughts

First, acknowledge that the voice is not yours. It’s not you. Being able to separate your thoughts from what youactually think is really powerful. It helps you pause so you have time to respond in the way you want, instead of reacting. After all, you have a choice as to whether you listen.

An easy way to differentiate is to imagine you’re saying those words to a friend. Would you really say that?

Is it true?

Then simply ask yourself whether it’s true. Is there evidence to back up that thought? Or, are you choosing to believe because that’s the easy option? It keeps you in your comfort zone which is nice and cozy.

Let me ask you, what are you really frightened of?

Is it helpful?

Be curious about the thought. What is it trying to tell you? We can get amazing insight from how we talk to ourselves and what we say. So what are you really telling yourself?

Flip its meaning

What does the thought need to be for it to help? For it, to help you move forward instead of backward.

If you keep telling yourself you’re clumsy, or you’re disorganised, or you’re not good enough then it will be your reality. However, if you flip it to say you’re graceful, you’re organised and you’re worthy then that will become your reality, as long as you believe.

possible, think

Let it go

And finally, break free from it. If it doesn’t serve you then release it in a way that works for you rather than holding onto it like a comfort blanket. This could be through journaling, meditation or taking up kickboxing! Either way, you need to get it out of your system.

So you see, our thoughts are very powerful. They have the power to determine what our reality is and so we need to be conscious of where we are directing our attention. After all, the choice really is yours.

Will you think differently?


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