I’ve decided to self-publish a book!

Mar 13, 2024 | Random stuff


Call me crazy and yet I love a challenge so I’ve decided to self-publish a book. I know there’s nothing unusual about that, however, I’ve only given myself 6-weeks to do it.

Yes, that’s right. Just 6 weeks.

Now I’ve done some research and apparently it’s possible in a day, which gives me some confidence. Doing it in a day, however, is not my idea of fun. Plus I also want to enjoy life, so 6 weeks it is.

By the way, the timer started on 21st February meaning I have only 2.5 weeks until I actually self-publish my book.

My self-imposed deadline is 31st March.

Having just written the sentence above, I am now scared. This is going to be intense.

I do know whether I succeed or learn, failure is not an option, I am committed to doing this.

So what have I achieved so far?


There is a plan

I know the only way I’m going to get this done is if I have a plan, even if I’m not quite sure what I’m doing. I’m learning by doing. The best way to learn.

My plan gets me to 31st March. Did I mention it’s going to be tight?

I’ve also got a great team around me in the form of my husband, my daughter and my son. They are my editors. I’ve given them permission to be ultra-critical. I’ll let you know whether that was a good decision after 31st March.

Type of book

With just a few weeks to go, I know there’s a balance between keeping this too simple just to meet the deadline versus setting myself an unrealistic target that is not possible without sacrificing my quality of life.

That’s why I’ve decided that the book is going to be a structured journal. An A5-sized companion that is more about the words that my audience wishes to use rather than mine.

The book will take the reader, I use that word loosely, on their own personal journey from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.

That means there’s going to be lots of blank space to fill in, a bit like a workbook.

Who’s it for?

This book is for individuals who are either going through a life event or who have gone through a life event. 

A life event?

Yes, an event that has changed life as you know it.

This could be redundancy, divorce, retirement, becoming a first-time mum, starting a new business, leaving home or moving country. The list is endless.

An event that has either knocked your confidence, left you wondering who you are or allowed your inner critic to be the only voice you can hear.

What’s it going to be called?

I haven’t decided on the final title, yet. There’s still time.

I know that I want it to be about starting a new chapter in your life. It has also got to imply that day 1 of the rest of your life starts now with this book.

If you have any ideas then I’d like to hear them.

What’s in it?

The good news, last week I started working on the content. I’m relieved to say that the book has started to take shape, as of last week. It has a structure. Some words. And it is currently sitting in my husband’s inbox waiting to be reviewed.

Primary school, contents

Progress is possible when you focus and I’m very focused at the moment. 

I must reiterate that I’m keeping this simple whilst focusing on delivering a quality product.

And that’s it so far.

I still have lots to do and only time will tell if I’m going to be successful.

Any advice you have is gratefully received.

How are you challenging yourself?


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