It’s not about building a brick wall but creating healthy boundaries

Jul 14, 2021 | Work

Healthy boundaries

The majority of my career, so far, has been in the corporate world. So, I’m used to being ‘productive’. Working to the beat of someone else’s drum. Something that should have stopped when I became a business owner. Well, sort of. I worked even harder. I worked even longer. I wanted to do more.

The problem is, that leads to burnout. Putting that much effort into anything all the time is not sustainable. Plus it has a knock-on effect on so many other things. It affects the quality of life. It affects our family. It affects personal wellbeing.

Who would want that?


What’s important is how you protect yourself. How you give yourself a good quality of life. How you ensure you’re filling your cup. All of which costs nothing. It’s all about having healthy boundaries.

Now some people may think that boundaries are barriers, which is simply not true.

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Having healthy boundaries first of all makes you decide how you’d like to be treated. But it also means you can then tell others how you’d like to be treated. What is acceptable and what isn’t.

Knowing your boundaries helps you to protect yourself and manage your wellbeing. Then it is down to you to be disciplined and if you are willing to flex your boundaries when you feel it is appropriate.

It took me a while to appreciate the importance and benefits of having boundaries in place. And because I now have boundaries in place, I am calmer and better able to manage my time.

This is just one of the many things I have learned during this year. Not so much to protect me from others but to give myself the opportunity to be kind to myself and also put myself first so I can meet my needs. Although I love helping others meet their needs!

In this modern age, it just feels like we’re always competing. It feels like we need to work harder, work longer and just do more. When I think it’s about doing the opposite. It’s all about working smarter and doing what’s important.

For this to be possible, it’s definitely about setting healthy boundaries and then holding yourself to account.

Life is about living, which can’t happen if you’re busy busy busy. Just one of the many reasons to have boundaries. To live life means to give yourself the opportunity to stop and take stock. To look around. To acknowledge how far you’ve come. To be conscious of where you want to go.

Here are my top 5 tips for setting boundaries


If you understand what your values are, it will be easier to put boundaries in place. You will know what is important and therefore what you will and won’t do.

Determine your day

This is not just about deciding when your day starts and finishes but also when is work and when is play, which may be as simple as splitting the day.

Know what is important and essential

It’s easy to want to do everything but is that necessary. It’s about being honest about what you do and knowing that everything you do is worth doing.

Effective use of your time

Think about how your day is split up. Are you taking regular breaks? Are you stopping for lunch? What does your ideal day look like?


To be effective means constantly recharging your battery, and that’s all about building self-care into your life so that you’ve created a good habit. After all, self-care is not a nice to have it’s a necessity of a healthy life.

The only person who can truly protect you is you. You have the power to put boundaries in place that allow you to be the person you want to be to the people that matter. It’s that simple.

What are your boundaries?


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