How to identify your superpower

Nov 18, 2020


Being a mum, I know I have superpowers. I can recollect where anything was last left, especially as my kids regularly expect me to know. I have amazing hearing. So valuable as, not only can I answer my family’s questions immediately when they ask me at the exact same time but I also know what’s happening in any part of the house and whether I need to get involved. And, I am an expert when it comes to doing several things at once like cooking, playing with my kids and sorting out technical issues! 

That’s all great, but that’s not what I mean. 

We all have superpowers. Superpowers that seek to serve us and superpowers that we use to serve others. But what is a superpower? A superpower is a skill or knowledge that either comes easily to us or we find easy. Some people also call it the zone of genius. We are so good at it that, to us, we wouldn’t think of it as a superpower. Whereas for someone else, it’s impressive and brings great value when we share it.

Relaxed mornings

Here are 6 tips to help you identify superpower

1. Find some time

This may seem obvious, but to go through the process of identifying your superpower, you actually need to put aside some time to think about it. Some time when you know you can focus. Some time when you know that you won’t be disturbed.

2. Create the right environment

To allow your creativity to flow, it’s important to create the right environment. Put on some inspiring music. Maybe light a candle. Use your favourite pen to write with. Sit in a cosy corner. Whatever you need to get you into the zone.

3. Get creative

With pen in hand, list everything you can do. Things that you love and have a passion for. Skills and knowledge that you will have acquired throughout your life. Notice when people may have remarked about how well you do something or how easy you made something. Just write down everything as it comes to you. Don’t think about an order or how to write it. Just write.

4. Patterns and themes

Look at your list and notice whether there are any patterns or recurring themes. Does anything jump out at you? Does anything surprise? Can you see what your superpowers are?

5. Notice your feelings

Now notice how you feel now that you know you do have superpowers. Which ones make you feel excited? Which ones put a smile on your face? 

6. How could you make more use of your superpower?

Superpowers have little value unless you’re using them. So the question is, what will you do with your superpower? How can you get the most out of it? How can you share it with others?

It’s great to identify what you’re good at, especially if you love it and you have a passion for it. It’s even better if you can share it.

What’s your superpower?


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