How are your kids doing during lockdown 3.0?

Jan 13, 2021


How are your little ones doing? Are they glad not to be back at school? Are they loving spending more time with you?

Or are they bored already? Are they wishing that things were back to normal? Do they want to be back with their friends? 

Obviously, we are all getting used to being back in lockdown, even if it’s temporary! And we’re all trying to cope with it in our own way. My coping mechanism is to retain a sense of control and so we have a routine. Although it doesn’t always go according to plan. But it’s our way of ensuring that both me and hubby can work as well as being able to look after our kids. And, it makes it easier to make the week days feel different from the weekends. 

But our kids are also finding their own way of dealing with this new way of life that has now been around us for many months. They’re still going through different emotions as they continually adjust to whether it’s lockdown, a tiered system or somewhere in between.

For me, I think there needs to be a balance between routine and ‘riding the wave’. 

Here are my tips for supporting your children through these times.


Have a routine

In these unusual times, a routine can give our children what they need. A sense of stability and comfort. It’s like a comfort blanket. They know exactly what is happening during an uncertain time.

However, you know your kids best. You know what they need. You know what is needed to maintain some kind of balance in the house. So apply what works. It’s not supposed to be a regimented thing.


Children are naturally inquisitive and ask lots of questions, some of which we will be able to answer, some of which we will not. The question my two usually ask is, when can we visit our family, as they haven’t seen them in a very long time. Which then leads to further questioning. 

I know how much information my kids can take in. How honest I can be with them. Yes, I do withhold some things as I don’t want to unnecessarily upset them. But I also tell them when I don’t know.

Another good tip is, to ask them what they think instead of trying to answer. If you let them talk you might get a better insight into what their actual concern is. Plus, they may be able to figure it out for themselves which means they may accept the answer more easily.

Be their parent

Similar to last time, we are expected to juggle working and home schooling. However, the most important thing to remember is that our children need us to be parents.

I know that I’m inclined to encourage my children to complete as much of the work as possible. But this is putting more pressure on them and me. So, I’m taking the pressure off. In a classroom the ratio is 30 to 1, unlike at home where for us it is 2 to 1. I’m the pseudo teacher at the moment, not hubby. This is more attention than they’d get in their day and so it can be stressful.

I’m slowly getting back into it and re-learning to chill out!

Be still

Self-care time. Just as I preach about mums taking the time to practice self-care, the same applies to children. Do things that allow them to fill their cup. Try some meditation. Try some mindfulness. Lie down outside and watch the clouds pass by. Or if you’re confined to the house stare at the ceiling and count the cobwebs or cracks! 

Get bored

It’s far too easy to try hard. To make sure that the kids are fully occupied all the time. To try and stop them from saying ‘I’m bored’. But the thing is, if we’re always there to save them from boredom then they’ll lose the ability to be creative and occupy themselves.

Children are naturally creative. As an example, my kids love a cardboard box. It provides endless hours of fun. It can be a house, a car and even a spaceship. Their thing at the moment is seeing how many different types of dens they can make by using all the cushions and blankets in the lounge.

The world is a very different place at the moment and if we stop to think about it for a long time it can be frightening. Instead I choose to look at the positives and the opportunities that this time has given me. The fact that I get to spend quality time with my family. That we get to eat all together and have proper conversations. That we are taking time to stay in touch with family and friends more regularly. The sense of community spirit is truly inspiring. The way everyone is pulling together to support each other.

Are you going to take action?


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