Even extroverts get nervous

Mar 31, 2021


Do you like trying new things?

How do you feel when you try something new?

Like a child, do you throw yourself into it and embrace whatever comes your way?

Or, do you shy away from anything that is unfamiliar, preferring to stick with what you know and what is safe?

To be honest, I thought I was playing it pretty safe. It wasn’t until I had an honest conversation with my coach that I realised I’m regularly trying new things. I don’t know why I was surprised. It’s all part of the journey when you’re a business owner. It feels quite normal to put myself in unfamiliar situations and I’m getting used to the discomfort of it.

I know one of the reasons why trying something new for me feels okay is because I’m an extrovert. And I have a thirst for trying new things and meeting new people. I’m like a magpie, I like shiny new things. Others may look at me and see someone who is very confident. And they’d be right. But in case you didn’t know, breaking news, even extroverts get nervous.


It’s true. And yes, I do get nervous. However, I choose to use this to my advantage as opposed to letting it stop me. And the more I practice, the less nervous I feel.

But what’s really amazing, is that, slowly slowly, I feel like I have more courage to take on even bigger and better things. All because I said yes, even if I felt like saying no.

It’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. And the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Here are my top five tips for dealing with being nervous.

Fear and excitement feel the same

It’s really difficult to change how we feel in the moment. But what we can do is change our focus. So instead of focusing on feeling scared or apprehensive, simply focus on the excitement of what’s about to happen. Get really excited about what you’re doing to match the feelings you already have.

Focus on the positive

Doing something new can be scary but instead of focusing on what might go wrong, focus on all the benefits and the positive outcomes. The reasons why you should do something instead of why you shouldn’t. Think of all the good things that will come from what you’re about to do. Let this motivate and inspire you to go do.

What’s your carrot?

Give yourself something to look forward to. You may not like the idea of giving a speech or presentation, but knowing that you have a reward, like having dinner with a good friend, at the end of it will make it easier. It’s also a great distraction and will naturally lift your mood.

Inner cheerleader

It’s so important to be our own cheerleader. To be self-reliant instead of relying on others. So keep telling yourself how good you are. If you repeat this enough, eventually you too will start to believe and then it will become automatic.



With discomfort comes growth which means saying yes to uncomfortable opportunities. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable position is the best way to grow. Think of it as a muscle that needs to be trained and worked. This will make you stronger and over time you will begin to see the benefits of your hard work.

So you see, with a little bit of effort and regular practice, you can turn things around so that nothing is holding you back. Because the truth is, what happens next is up to you.


Are you getting uncomfortable?


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