Does it feel like you’re letting people down?

Jan 27, 2021

Letting people down

It doesn’t matter how good you are at planning or keeping a list of things to do, there will be times when you will let someone down. Not on purpose but for many valid reasons.

In some cases, this will happen and you will not get the chance to save the situation. Like forgetting you arranged to meet a friend for coffee, which I’ve done. It was an accident. I’d forgotten to put it in my diary. I only knew something was wrong when I got an inquisitive text from my friend – oops. It’s alright, we’re still friends.

There will also be times when you can do something about it. When, by taking a step back, you’re able to see the available options. You’ll see what is possible.

Here are 5 things to consider when helping others.

Be realistic

The most important thing is to be realistic with your commitment. Agree to do something that you know you can. If you’re realistic then the risk of you letting someone down will be less likely. Plus, you’ll feel more motivated because you know you’ve agreed to do something that is achievable. 

Break it down

Sometimes we just underestimate what we’ve agreed to do and it turns out to be a bigger commitment. In that case, rather than getting overwhelmed by what it is and your ability to do, break it down into smaller actions. Steps that you can manage and that you know will get you there.

Talk about it

However, if that’s not helping, try talking to someone about it. Talking has so many benefits. It may actually help you to release some of the pressure and stress that has been building up inside you because you’re worried about letting someone down. It may help you to see more clearly and find an alternative way of meeting your commitment.

Plus two heads are better than one. The other person may be able to show you a different approach or know someone who can.

Ask for help

There is nothing wrong with simply asking for help. Whether this is going back to the person who you’ve made the commitment to or whether you just need another pair of hands. After all, what is your alternative?


Say no

And finally, in any situation you always have the choice to say no. Sure, it may feel uncomfortable but it’s better to be honest rather than face worse consequences further down the line.

So you see, you do have options. It’s not always the end. There is usually something you can do to save the situation. Unless you’ve stood your friend up without even knowing it!


What action will you take?


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