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Aug 4, 2021 | Random stuff

mum to be

It’s easy to take things personally. To take offence when someone disagrees with you. To be upset if things don’t go your way.

But what if you viewed things differently? What if you were able to have a wider perspective?

During our lifetime, I think we develop tunnel vision.

Let me explain.

How we view the world and how we respond is influenced by our experience of life.

As a mum, I have become more aware of the dangers that exist for my children.

As a business owner, I have become more aware of the challenges that exist in running a business.

As a woman, I have become more aware of the inequalities that exist between men and women.

All of this contributes to how I view different situations and the opinion I now have. It focuses me on certain things.

But that is my view and my opinion. It is not the only view or the only opinion.


By acknowledging that many different perspectives exist, and there can be more than one right answer, life feels easier. Life feels less resistant. Life can flow.

You see, the lens we see life through is determined by many things. It’s the roles you play. It’s the experiences you have. It’s the people you meet.

All these things go into making up the bespoke lens we see life through. It’s this lens that then influences the way we behave, we think and we speak.

It’s an automatic thing.

But it doesn’t have to be.

If we take the time to pause and reflect. To become more self-aware. We would see that we have a choice.

We can change that lens so that it serves us instead of it controlling us.

I don’t have to tell you that life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Some people seem to manage this with ease. Others, not so well. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could accept the rollercoaster of life, knowing that we can handle anything that life throws our way in a calm and measured way? That we’re not reacting because of the lens that is in front of us.

For me, that can only start with ourselves and being comfortable with who we are. Having a strong core. Truly knowing who we are. Seeing life through the lens that we’ve chosen.

Here are my 5 tips to making that happen.


It starts with understanding what your values are. Knowing what values are important to you. Knowing your values helps you to make decisions and take action. When we make a decision or take action that is in alignment with our values, then life flows in the right way for us. Life becomes easy.

Have perspective

Everyone has their own perspective. That’s because everyone is unique. Your point of view could be the polar opposite of the person in front of you. So next time you’re talking to someone acknowledge that their starting point might be different from yours. It will be a different conversation and could even have a happy ending.

possible, think

Pause, reflect and respond

The outcome of a conversation will be very different if you can pause, reflect and then respond. This momentary break will lessen the emotion and give you time to respond more calmly. As opposed to reacting and then maybe wanting to backtrack. 


We are constantly changing and it’s easy to not recognise who we have become. So take the time to reconnect with who you really are. What do you like? What makes you laugh? What are you about?

Self awareness

Being aware of who we are and more importantly the impact we have on others is so important in life. It’s the difference between living in harmony and potential chaos.

Rather than accepting how you see life, get curious. Understand whether that’s really how you see life or have you adopted someone else’s perspective that is just not right for you. And more importantly, acknowledge that there are many different perspectives in the world, some of which you can easily appreciate and others that may take you longer.

Just remember to pause, reflect and then respond.

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