Do you have a side hustle?

Dec 4, 2019

Before going into business for myself I’d never heard the term side hustle. However, now I hear it regularly. It feels like it’s an overused term. But maybe that’s probably because there are so many people who have a ‘side hustle’. Or, maybe it’s because lots of people are looking to get a ‘side hustle’.

So, what is it? Well, it’s something you do in addition to your main job. I think, for most, it’s usually to bring in some extra cash. However, for others a side hustle can come from something that they are genuinely passionate about. Like photography, making homemade goods or fitness.

It’s actually surprising how many people have a side hustle and there are many reasons why people start side hustles.

  • A less risky way to change career – starting your own business is less risky if it first starts as a side hustle whilst you have a secure job working for someone else.
  • A hobby that turns into a business – it might happen organically where a hobby, like photography, naturally starts to earn you money as you make a name for yourself.
  • A way to supplement an individual’s income – some people just want to make some extra money.

I wanted to find out more so I had a chat with my good friend Ann-See Yeoh who has her own side hustle.

* Why is it good to have a side hustle?

Everyone needs to prepare for impact. We have no idea what’s around the corner. And it’s not about the money, though having some extra cash each month is useful. What is important is what that extra cash allows you to do.

* What triggers people to have a side hustle?

Initially, it’s extra pocket money that could contribute to a nice holiday, or to pay for child care or the car.

* What should people consider when looking to start up a side hustle?

Is it relatively easy to start? Does it fit into your current lifestyle? Will you have a mentor? And you have to like it.

* In your view, what are the benefits of having a side hustle?

It gives me variety in my week. I get to meet lovely people. The extra income means I can support my elderly parents each month. It also gives me peace of mind should our other businesses have a slow period.

* Why is Arbonne a potential option if someone wants a side hustle but they don’t know what to do?

My side hustle by choice is an established network marketing company, that is recognised by the Direct Selling Association. As a company, Arbonne’s vision fits with mine, and that is that everyone deserves the opportunity to flourish by being good to themselves, their communities and the planet. The products are consumable, which means that there will be repeat purchases and the products are products that we all use anyway. Most of us use some sort of body wash. Body lotion for the baby. A bit of mascara and lip balm. Shampoo. Multi vitamins. So how easy is it to shop from your own shop rather than increase the bottom line for the massive pharmaceutical companies like Unilever, Proctor and Gamble? And then, if you want to, help others do the same and build your tribe.

That’s ‘Do you have a side hustle?’ according to Mummy on a Break.

What’s your side hustle?

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