Can I have a hassle-free Christmas?

Dec 16, 2020

Of course you can. Anything is possible you just need to know how.

It’s all about perspective and accepting your preference. You can simply go with the flow and let what will be will be or, in my case, you can be organised.

You see, one of my superpowers is my ability to be super organised and that’s because before I became Mummy on a Break I was a Project Manager. So being organised and organising was what I did. It’s now a well and truly embedded habit and actually a habit that I love and I’m proud of.

I would find it very difficult not to be organised. It would be one of my worst nightmares.

The thing about being organised is it means I don’t have to think. I don’t have to second guess whether I’ve done something. Because the answer is, I probably have. And so, it gives me peace of mind. Peace of mind that all is taken care of and so I can focus on the here and now.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, I sometimes drop the ball, after all, I am human and of course this bothers me. But it doesn’t last long.

So what’s the secret to having a hassle-free Christmas? Here are my top 5 tips.


Plan ahead

Plan, plan, plan. I love a plan and I love a list. It helps me to know what I have to do and by when. By planning what’s going on I don’t have to worry if I’ve got enough time because I can see what’s possible. I also know what’s realistic. So this stops me from putting undue pressure on myself to do the impossible.

You can plan to every minute detail or you can keep it very simple. Whatever works for you and whatever keeps you calm. You can plan buying the presents, writing the Christmas cards, family activities for the Christmas break and obviously your meal plan for Christmas Day. That’s my favourite bit.

Focus on what is important

It’s so easy to get caught up in the commercial side of Christmas and keeping up with the Jones’ that we forget what Christmas is all about.

For me, it’s about spending time with my loved ones. It’s about switching off the noise of the world and enjoying family time. It’s about appreciating who we have in our lives and what we have. It’s about reflecting on the year to celebrate all the silver linings and acknowledge the challenges we’ve dealt with.

Be realistic about what you want Christmas to be like

This time of year is so personal, so make it so. Like any other time forget the ‘should’ve, would’ve and could’ve and focus on your Christmas.

What do you want it to be like for you and your family?

What’s realistic?

What will make it special without it turning into this unattainable ideology.

I find that simplicity is often best and also means that you can enjoy the moment instead of being tied up in knots because of some grand plan.

Don’t try to please everyone

You could spend so much time and effort trying to make sure that you please everyone. But that’s so hard, can be exhausting and it’s not always possible anyway. It also sucks the fun out of Christmas.

Christmas is a time for celebrations. It’s a time for having fun. It’s a time to embrace those who are important to you, which includes you. So instead of getting stressed about whether you can accommodate Auntie Fanny for Christmas or whether you can pop round to see Uncle Bob, stop and breathe.

What do you want to do?

Be kind to yourself

And finally, the biggest thing is to be kind to yourself. You are amazing just how you are. There is no need to jump through hoops just to please everyone else yet be left feeling drained with no energy to actually enjoy Christmas yourself.

You will do your best and that is all that matters.

And it’s that simple.

You see Christmas can turn into this circus because we’re so focused on everyone else that we forget what’s important. Important to us and our family. So put down the stick you regularly beat yourself up with and enjoy the Christmas festivities, however they turn out.

What will you do to have a hassle-free Christmas?


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