Can children teach us to be better adults?

Mar 10, 2021

When we’re children, we feel free. We’re not constrained by our thinking or by any baggage. However, as we get older things change. Our life experiences start to influence our thinking. Our knowledge starts to limit our ability to push past our comfort zone. We prefer to stay safe instead of fully experiencing the beauty of this life.

What if, starting from tomorrow, you could see life through the eyes of a child? How amazing would that be?

Not worrying about what people think. Not being too scared to try something in case you failed. Remaining curious and being inquisitive enough to ask what would happen if….?


Wouldn’t that be liberating? Wouldn’t that be energising? Wouldn’t it get you excited about what each day could bring?

But that’s not reality. Instead, we get older. We take fewer risks. We say no instead of saying yes.

I look at my children and I’m in awe at how they approach life. They’re not bothered by what others think unless it’s someone who’s special to them. They have bags of enthusiasm for the smallest of things, like getting a sticker. They’re not afraid to have a go, even if it takes several attempts. They love to experiment and see what happens if….?

They feel free to be who they are. They feel free to express themselves how they want.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are times when they challenge me and I just want to lock myself in the bathroom. However, they have taught me so much without even realising it.

And what I have come to appreciate is that we could be better adults if we were more like our children.

Here are five things we can learn from our children

Find all the reasons you should

How often do you have an amazing idea and then find all the reasons why you shouldn’t take action? And then surprise surprise nothing changes. Instead, find all the reasons why you should take action. This will motivate you and get you excited.

Think yes first

Why not change your default response to an opportunity to yes instead of no. Some things may not work out, which is great because you’ll have learnt something. However, some things will work out which you never would have experienced if you’d said no.

Get excited about the unknown

The unknown can be scary but that’s because we make the unknown a bad thing. My kids, in the main, see the unknown as an adventure. Something to get excited about. An opportunity to do something new, experience something different and to just have a go.

Find pleasure in the small things

As adults, we place too much importance on big things, like getting a promotion, winning the lottery or a significant life event. I love the fact that many kids get excited about small things, like getting stickers, wearing fancy dress or choosing what we have for breakfast. That way they have joy in their life daily.

Become forgetful

As adults, we’re very good at holding onto things that really don’t serve us. It might have been an argument with a friend, getting something wrong or missing an opportunity. These things are in the past and are of no use to us anymore yet we insist on holding onto them, which is a waste of our energy and time. Children just let it go. Just imagine what that would feel like.

So you see, our children are great teachers. They remind us of how we could be and how amazing life could be if only we let go of all the baggage we carry on our journey through life.

Will you let your inner child out?


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