10 Things To Do In Bristol With The Family

Oct 2, 2019

I love living in Bristol. It’s vibrant. It’s green. It’s eclectic. And it’s a fantastic city to raise a family. One of the things I love the most is the variety of things to do with the family in and around the city. Here are my top 10 things to do in Bristol with the Family.

  1. Visit a National Trust property

I never thought I’d say it but I’m a fan of the National Trust. When I was young, I remember my parents dragging me around these grand houses and not being remotely interested, mainly because you weren’t actively encouraged to get involved. How things have changed.

We regularly visit properties that are on the outskirts of Bristol; Tyntesfield in Wraxhall and Dyrham Park near Bath. Both are set in beautiful grounds and have lots of outdoor space for the kids to run wild, and as a parent, I have peace of mind knowing that they can’t get themselves into too much trouble. Then once inside the houses, the children are encouraged to actually touch things! Every time we’ve visited either property there’s always been an activity for the children to get involved in, from trying on historic hats and having a go at playing a mini harp to counting the number of Easter eggs that have been hidden around the house.

However, there are occasions when we just want to explore the outdoors and in that case we go to Leigh Woods. The main attraction being building our own tepee.

  1. Go to an animal attraction

Like many children, my kiddies love animals and there are a few options to choose from.

If we’re in the mood for the more traditional zoo experience then we go to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. Set in over 100 acres, there is an impressive variety of animals to see from lions and elephants to chickens and rabbits. Plus there’s plenty of open space for the children to explore and lots to keep my little ones busy.

If it’s more attractions and rides, then Puxton Park is ideal. My two especially like the mini train that takes you on a gentle ride around some of the park. They find it hilarious pointing out the plastic animals and in particular the crocodile, which my son is adamant is real.

There’s also Slimbridge Wetland Centre if we’re in the mood for bird spotting. They have all five species of flamingo and also the rarest goose in the world. I love to watch my children try and feed all the birds that they see. It’s surprising how far a bag of bird food can go. But my kids enjoy Welly Boot Land the most. They get to splash around in a large enclosed area following the stream as it takes them from obstacle to obstacle.

 3. We The Curious

My kids are very curious and want to understand how things work. This usually means testing things to the limit and then potentially getting upset when things cannot get fixed. That’s why We The Curious is always worth a visit. A safe environment for children to explore all types of everything. From learning how the ecosystem works to understanding what it means to be an astronaut.

  1. Chew Valley Lakes

If we want to take advantage of the great British weather, when the sun is shining, then we head to the lakes, Chew Valley Lakes. First on the agenda, is a long walk around the lakes to build up an appetite, and in the summer spot electric blue damselflies, followed by a spot of lunch at Salt and Malt, which serves delicious fish and chips. After a big lunch, we either like to feed the ducks or let the children release a little energy in the park, whilst us adults can take five minutes to chill and admire the scenery.

  1. Portishead Lake Grounds

A great place to spend some time is Portishead Lake Grounds. On a summer’s day, it’s ideal for a family picnic. We also like to take a football with us and a bat and ball. Failing that the kids like to play in the park and we like to drag them along the esplanade for a walk! The reward being getting an ice cream from the onsite quirky café. 

  1. Clevedon

Just a short drive outside of Bristol is the seaside town of Clevedon with its iconic Grade 1 listed Victorian pier, which has some breathtaking views and on a clear day you can see across to Wales. We then usually take a stroll to the Marine Lake to see if the crabs are biting and then jump on the light railway before heading home for tea.

  1.  Bristol Museum

A place which unusually we pop into now and then is the Bristol Museum. Located in the centre of Bristol, not only does it have large, interesting and family friendly exhibits but it holds regular family events, like celebrating Chinese New Year. It’s great for learning but also my kids love getting involved.

  1. Soft Play Centres

One thing that my kiddies love is soft play and Bristol has a large array of options. If we’re feeling particularly brave, then I agree to go to Jump, which for my children is like hitting the jackpot. However, surprisingly we also go to the local garden centre, Dobbies Garden Centre. We get to have coffee and cake whilst the kids release some of that stored up energy.

  1. Family friendly restaurants

As a family, we want to be able to treat ourselves to lunch out or maybe even a nice place to have coffee and cake. There are plenty of family friendly eateries that mean we can relax and enjoy a meal without feeling the gaze of others if we are a little louder than normal. After the school run, you’ll find me in Boston Tea Party which has a fantastic selection of drinks and cakes. And on the weekend, it’s sometimes a spot of lunch at Grounded.

  1. The Downs 

Bristol is known for being a green city. Not just because is it green conscious but considering it is a city it has a lot of green spaces. The Downs is a beautiful protected parkland area where many families go. It’s a great place for walking, playing games and having a picnic. 

That’s ‘10 Things To Do In Bristol With The Family’ according to Mummy on a Break.

Where do you go?

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