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Maria Newman Coaching

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Maria Newman Coaching, The Busy Working Mums Club

The Busy Working Mums Club

Being a mum means different things to different people. However, what really matters is what being a mum means to you.

But, being a mum is also a role that we decide to take on. We are individuals first. Amazing women trying to be the best we can be.

This group is for mums who:

  • want to regain the confidence they once had
  • have forgotten who they are and want to reconnect with their identity
  • want to silence their inner critic and nurture their inner cheerleader
  • are fed up with managing the chaos and want to find some calm.
  • want to be inspired and want the support to take action.
  • want to stop playing a supporting role in their life and are ready to take the lead.
  • are ready to fully embrace being their true self.
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YaaMas Networking

It’s really simple. YaaMas is for us. It’s about:

  • creating a community of like-minded business owners who enjoy networking, want to help each other and want to grow their businesses.
  • making new connections that lead to creating strong and lasting relationships for the future.
  • being consistent and nurturing your existing connections by regularly meeting up.
  • turning up ready to help each other out so that we have a business community that goes from strength to strength and that can thrive.

The easiest way to get in touch is to send me a message. It couldn’t be easier.